Zamfara Governor Abubakar Yari Was Prevented From Marrying Zahra Buhari

Zamfara Governor Abubakar Yari Was Prevented From Marrying Zahra Buhari


That the beautiful daughter of Mr. President, Zahra Buhari is getting married to Ahmed Indimi in December 2016 is no longer news.Already, the soon-to-be son-in-law to the President is said to have met with his father-in-law-to-be some days ago.

We gathered that the President frowns upon the quick decision of Zahra and Ahmed to get married in December and wondered when the couple met and also to have reached the stage of walking down the aisle.This was because Zahra, 21, who graduated from the University of Surrey, Guildford, England, United Kingdom, was said to have started dating the billionaire son of Mohammed Indimi, just a few months ago.

It was learnt that the 47-year-old Governor of Zamfara State, Abubakar Yari, had before Ahmed Indimi, asked for the hands of Zahra in marriage. Though the suitor was not denied by parents of the girl, none of them said anything concerning his request.But then, Ahmed came along. Ahmed was said to have earlier sought for the hand of one of the daughters of Mamman Daura in marriage but was rebuffed only for him to up his game and reach for Zahra, who is a better choice.

Unfortunately for Yari, he was not even informed that he had lost in his quest to marry Zahra until got to know that a date was picked for the wedding between the President’s daughter and Indimi’s son.

Even though the First family might want to look the other way when people raise other motives other than pure love as the basis for the wedding, many Nigerians would alwayssee it as a union engineered by parents with little or no inputs from their kids.

Meanwhile, the President is said to be of the opinion that the wedding should not be blown out of proportion as he has shown modesty in a previous wedding of one of his daughters, Fatima though this is not without some grumblings in the Presidency as some people have looked at the opportunity to make some things for themselves.

Zahra, so far, has shown that she is humane and not vain, inconverse to her would-be husband who is little known as being circumspect.


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