Your Manhood Is Big Enough.. But You Still Don’t Satisfy Me On Bed – Woman Tells Husband in Court

Your Manhood Is Big Enough.. But You Still Don’t Satisfy Me On Bed – Woman Tells Husband in Court

A man was left in shame after his wife openly confessed in court that though he has a big manhood, he doesn’t satisfy her in bed. 



According to B-metro, Trish Sibanda, 29, had told her husband straight to his face that he had a p*nis size that anyone could dream of but he could not sustain a decent erection. But, the news was not pleasant to the husband who beat her mercilessly. 


The husband identified as Thabani Nyoni, 33, then accused her of being a promiscuous wife after giving her the beating of her life. Left in pain over the incident, Sibanda approached the courts seeking protection order from her husband.


“After I discovered the problem and seeing that we have to save our marriage I spoke to him but he got angry and accused me of seeing other men. I stood my ground and told him that he fails to satisfy me in bed although he has a big thing. It gets flaccid after a few minutes of erection,” she said at the Lupane civil court. Knowing that opening up in court would invite another beating, Sibanda poured her heart out.

“He just sleeps on top of me and after about four minutes he would be done. I would be still having an urge to indulge but he just sleeps next to me. When I ask him to continue with the act he would say I am troublesome and promiscuous,” she said.


Nyoni admitted in court that he had a serious problem. “To prove that I love my wife I have sought help from a traditional healers,” he said.

But he started experiencing the same problem a month later and he has run out of ideas. “At the moment I am at a loss of words and I don’t know what to do. I beat her of anger because she insulted me saying I was as useless as an ox,” he added.


The presiding magistrate Ndumo Masuku ordered Nyoni never to beat his wife and instructed the parties to go for counselling and come back on 18 November. The incident happened in Zimbabwe.

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