YABATECH: A student wants everyone to know they are “being enslaved”

January 11, 2017

The student has asked to remain anonymous.

A student of Yabatech has accused the school authorities of different forms of bullying from the school authorities.

Yaba College of Technology is a major tertiary school in Nigeria, but many believe all that is old glory. 

A student, who has asked to remain anonymous, accused the school of maltreatment, extortion, and manipulation. The student said, “we’re in fact enslaved students”.

It all began, according to our source, when the school authorities found a reason to ‘remove’ the school’s Student Union Government (SUG). This happened in 2015, and since then, they “set hell on students”.

These are the major grudges:

Silencing students.

Our source alleges that the school threatens expulsion to students who speak up against the school authorities. 

Exorbitant fees.

This student also claims that different avenues are being used to extort them. For example, a returning student is to pay N5,000 to get a transcript. This is according to the student, “ basically sending our result from one building to another within the school”.

Our source also made reference to an old incident where a final year student died before her final paper because she took ill because the school’s “medical care ignored her and didn’t treat her”. This led to protests within the school premises and damage of property.


The school authority responded by fining each student a sum of N5,000, as condition to receive their certificates at the time of graduating. The damage, according to our source, “didn’t even need up to N100,000 to repair”. Bear in mind that according to the school’s website, YABATECH has over 16,000 students. 

And for the biggest grudge, the student mentioned the recent fire that engulfed the girls’ hostel.


The student said:

“The Rector, who is supposed to be our guardian didn’t even call a meet with the girls affected. Those that still need medical care has been chased away with excuses.”


Even injured students have gotten no compensation. 

Other grudges, the student said, include poor electricity, terrible classroom conditions, and unserviced laboratories. 

The student hopes, that perhaps, speaking up might help the authorities become more responsible. 

Efforts to reach the school authorities for comments at the time of reporting this, have been futile. 

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