WRAP League: Collision Course in pictures [Photos]

WRAP League: Collision Course in pictures [Photos]

Photos from WRAP League's Collision Course: The Main Event

WRAP League's Collision Course: The Main Event was a smashing hit and will be raved for months to come.

WRAP League‘s Collision Course lived up to its billing with top class rap battles, Cyphers and a performance by raptress, Pryse.

There were no dull moments as each battler brought fire to each round making it hard for fans to pick clear winners immediately.

Tega Gat Vs Dabu The Gemini was the main event everyone was waiting for and it really exceeded expectations as both rappers proved their experience and top tier status delivering what will go down as the battle of the year.

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Dabu The Gemini came with gun bars, name flips and punchlines but Tega Gat’s angles and wit was too much trouble as he exposed Dabu The Gemini for stealing bars in the 3rd round and compared him to Donald Trump‘s wife stealing Michelle Obama‘s speech, an angle that really shook the building.

If he meant that it was his last battle then it’s one epic way to end an illustrious battling career.

Boosie Vs Dejinious was an entertaining match up. Dejinious’ had us cracking up with comical lines and a very animated delivery, Boosie started slow but then he picked up and delivered a lot of haymakers which won him the crowd.

Toby The Penpriest went against Mr. Hood and showed he is a different beast from his last battle. There was no chocking this time and he had plenty of schemes to get at Mr.Hood who’s content doesn’t vary much from being street and telling his opponent he is not.

Mr Hood’s best came in the 3rd and it sounded like most of it was freestyle making it even more impressive. At some point, Mr Hood pulled out a sanitary pad to give visual to a line but Toby’s rebuttal is pure fire and a must see.

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WRAP League has done it again and despite a few cancellations, Collision Course Event will go down as an epic rap battle event as we know fans can’t wait to see the footages and attend its next event.

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