Wizkid: Is Starboy’s ‘Daddy Yo’ the first hit song of 2017?

Wizkid: Is Starboy’s ‘Daddy Yo’ the first hit song of 2017?

2017 is not here yet, but we already have its first hit song – ‘Daddy Yo’.

Wizkid does it again, and again, and again. And he is doing it again with the new ‘Daddy Yo’ single.

‘Starboy’ entered December with a huge amount of positivity. He announced two concert dates, and got nominated for the Grammy Awards for his work on “Views” album.

There was a huge celebration in the country, an avalanche of articles were written, praise poured from many quarters and it all looked like ‘Baba Nla’ was finally going to coast through the month in a happy bubble and wrap up what has been a phenomenal year of achievement via pushing the music through different markets and setting up plays for the future. In 2016 alone, he scored the Best African artiste and Artiste of the year at the Ghana Music Awards, MOBO, MAMA, AFRIMA, Headies and also scored one at the MTV EMA.


But what comes next can only be the work of some dark force, fate or karma.

Wizkid missed a concert date in Uganda, and so began a cascade of events that threatened to shroud the rest of the year in negativity. The singer failed to turn up at a concert which was to hold at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

And then came the health issue. According to the singer, his Doctors advised against further performances and instructed that he observes an extended rest and abstain from playing sets and concerts. The tour dates in Lagos were cancelled, many others bit the dust, and Wizkid was set to end the year without another moment in the sun. Then the event promoters from Uganda sued.

Ugandan Entertainment Company Face TV through Muwema co advocates and solicitors, accused Wizkid of receiving $60,000, estimated at N27million as performance fee for the concerts he just cancelled due to health issues. Face TV claims that Wizkid’s team agreed to the deal, only to incur extra expenses for booking flights and other logistics to the tune of $300,000.


And then he released ‘Daddy Yo’, a new song featuring Ghanaian songstress Efya. The new single produced by Dre Skull is being reported as the first single under RCA Records, and also marks his first of releases that will be housed under his third studio album with the tentative title “Sounds From The Other Side.”

Syrupy, “Daddy Yo’ will work for two reasons. It is both familiar and universal. Wizkid relies on the classic Reggaeton beat as a base, before layering it with a melody that is both forward and immersive. Then there’s the chorus taken by Efya.

“Wizzy boy make me dance (make her dance), Daddy Yo, make me dance…” Efya sings in a voice that takes you back to the 90s. It kicks in both recognition and nostalgia, with Efya sounding both gritty and unrefined but lovable. It’s like sandpaper against your itchy back. It brings pain, but still soothes you until you love it.


“Daddy Yo” has already being plugged through the complete PR machinery, with a video and plug-ins everywhere in the world. At the moment, reactions are polarized with each argument further pushing many to give it a listen. And it does reward multiple listens, with an unmistakable melody.

The year is almost at its end. There’s just two days from today left, but the song is flying with the power of Wizkid and his team. It will definitely come into its own in 2017, much like it’s predecessor – ‘Baba Nla’ – which pulled off the same feat in 2015, and blew up in 2016. 2017 is not here yet but we already have its first hit song – ‘Daddy Yo’.


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