Wike: ‘No electoral officer can say I spoke to him or her,’ Governor says

Wike: ‘No electoral officer can say I spoke to him or her,’ Governor says

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state

Wike also accused the Federal Government of influencing the elections and causing violence in the state.

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has denied reports that he threatened to kill officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) during the December 10 rerun elections in the state.

Wike also accused the Federal Government of influencing the elections and causing violence in the state.

“Why I said so is very clear. If you can have an invasion for ordinary legislative rerun elections in Rivers state, then I have my fears for 2019," the governor said over the weekend, according to Daily Times.

“You saw the kind of invasion we witnessed in Rivers state on December 10 by security agencies, Police, Army and the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC. It is clear that with what we saw in Rivers if the President (Muhammadu Buhari) declared that he wants to run in 2019.

“So we should expect a tsunami; anybody that does not want it should go away. There will be fighter jets. The only thing that was not deplored to the state on December 10 was Fighter jets. We may see that in 2019 if the President says he wants to contest the presidential election.

“This is why I said anybody thinking of election in 2019 is wasting time. It will be like war. If you don’t agree we bomb you. If you can bring 28, 000 policemen, three helicopters, 20 gunboats and then train special military all for legislative rerun elections in Rivers state then I have my fears and worries for 2019.

“You cannot believe it that that Divisional Police Officers, DPOs were all transferred on the eve of the December 10 election. They brought a Special Anti Robbery Squad outside the state, all for legislative rerun that had to do with only a state. So you can see what a presidential election will be like. If a fighter jet does not come out then something is wrong.

“They must bomb everybody that says no to the presidential aspiration, if you don’t die before the election you must die on the day of the election. This will be the fate of anybody that does not agree.

“Did they say I spoke to electoral officer or they said I spoke to a third party, so I know what to answer? Who can show me where I spoke to electoral officer? Tell me. What did I say, what did I threaten. I never said anything; I never spoke to any electoral officer.

“It is unfortunate that this is a cover up to the atrocities that they committed. Assuming though not conceding that I threatened an electoral officer, that if you don’t do the right thing this and that will happen, does that give you room to go and do the kind of things you did. This is what we call total nonsense. I did not speak to anybody; no electoral officer can say I spoke to him or her. I never spoke to anybody.

“The major thing is that did INEC, Police, Army compromise during the election. Let us all face the realities and not shadows. The various agencies compromised their roles during the elections. I can set up equipment now and you see what will be done with voice. What can’t this government do? I don’t have a Chief Security Officer (CSO), Camp Commandant. They have now detained the policemen that followed me to stop criminals who wanted to hijack results.

“Even the Police officer that was caught on video they have told him to go. What kind of country is this? The one (Police officer) caught on camera doing funny things during the rerun elections, what have they done with him.

“It was the entire Rivers people that went on the protest to the Police headquarters. The man (police officer) has done what they sent him to do. Having fulfilled that, he should leave us and then the Police should send us those that can protect lives and property if that is the role of the police. He (police officer) has delivered, taken lives and delivered.

“What we will continue to do is to allow the public know what is happening. Now nobody is saying we (PDP) are causing trouble. Tell them (INEC) to show you the server of all uploaded results on the e-election show the e-voting and see if APC got up to ten percent. What kind of system are we operating?

“Where have you seen where they move CSO without a governor knowing. My security is God. Look at what they did; look at the armory they brought into the state. How can you go into election without campaigning and expect to win. They gave to each APC leader ten, fifteen security men. My Secretary to State Government had no security.

“What kind of politician are you who cannot win Assembly seat in your area. When I campaigned I gave the people projects they saw. What did you (APC candidates) tell them? You told them you will clean up Ogoni, which day? You took lives to get one seat.

“It pains me. It means they just came to take lives because of one Senatorial seat and five House of Assembly seats. Those of them who caused death of the innocent people, God will judge them.

“I have never seen this kind of election before. 350 Hilux vehicles were sent to the state; all to come and do their bidding. Now INEC is not talking over the deaths because they know what happened. They are now dumb. If it was the other way round, you would have heard them shouting that the state is too violent.

“No matter how you go and concoct story those things are medicine after death. The more you come out with might to rig elections, the more people will resist and it will turn violent. They wanted to change results in Port Harcourt City local government.

“They did it in Ikwerre local government, chased out agents. Where have you seen where they collate results without party agents? The rerun election was a case of David killed Goliath. I am David and the Federal Government was Goliath,” he added.

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Wike was alleged to have made the threat via an audio tape on which he also supposedly spoke about bribing INEC officials.


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