We Love Eating You Out Too: 7 reasons why guys love giving you a head!

We Love Eating You Out Too: 7 reasons why guys love giving you a head!


You love it for sure, but we also love it too, there are several interesting things that we love while going down south on you.

You thought you’re the only one who enjoys it when he gives you a head? No, Silly! Like Katt Williams said, giving a woman head most times is for the guy, not everything is about you all the time.

Here are a few things that might surprise you to why he enjoys giving as much as you enjoy receiving.


1. What a view!

While he is down there, mouth against your organ, there is an abundant view of tummy region upwards, the view of the boobs from here is purely magical. He can focus on those pointy nipples, and even grab a handful for himself.

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2. It can help him relax

Depending on the guy, when he gives you a head first, it can help him relax especially if you’re the kind of lady that gets off a head, this can be so right for him because he might not be able to last long in bed, but if you’ve cum from head earlier on, the guilt is so paralyzing.


3. A mini break

Make-out session can be very active, in between smashing each other against the wall, and grabbing each other with such force, mouthing your private part can give him a desired break before the next set of action follows.

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4. One good turn

Yes! We’re almost certain that if we do a good job at blowing your mind, its only natural that you return the favor in bigger and better way. Hence, one good turns deserves the other.


5. That head massage

You might not know how much he loves this, but the scalp massage you give him when you’re enjoying the head is actually one of the reasons he likes going down on you, that head massage is so relaxing.

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6. It always leads elsewhere

Another interesting reason is that after a wonderful time down south that she has thoroughly enjoyed by her body language, there is definitely bound to be something exciting coming up, you’re 60% close to sex already.


7. He’s excited down there too

The pleasure he sees while giving you a head definitely going to make me excited down there too, he’s excited! You’re excited! Everyone is excited

Remember what the good book says, for it’s better to give than to receive.


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