Virtual Reality: In 2021 all our lives would be fake…sort of

Virtual Reality: In 2021 all our lives would be fake…sort of

This could be all of us in the next few years

In a few years from now, we might all be plugged into the Matrix of virtual reality and leave the real world completely.

The concept of virtual reality has moved on from movie franchises like the Matrix to wearable VR technology.

If you think this is where virtual reality stops, think again. According to the big guys who know all VR, we could be living in a virtual reality by 2021.

With the advancement in the technology of virtual reality headsets more and more people will be able to plug themselves into another realm of reality.


According to The Foundry, software developers from California, more people are trading their traditional TV sets for a piece of the virtual reality world.

CEO Alex Mahon said there is going to be “an increasing appetite amongst consumers for high-quality VR headset content."

The fact that everyday experiences like watching sport are predicted to completely vanish for some people in favour of VR versions within five years is pretty incredible" he further said.


For now this future is a bit expensive. The cheapest VR system this year goes for about N200,000. This is way higher than what surveys revealed. People are willing to spend just N78,000 on a virtual reality headset.


With the recession and cost of the dollar, the future might take a while before it gets to Nigeria.

Samsung Electronics Ltd launched a virtual reality headset in September 2016 for its new Galaxy Note 4 phablet using technology from Oculus VR, a company that Facebook Inc is buying for $2 billion.

The wireless headset, called Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition, allows users to watch videos and play games in a virtual reality setting.


The headset was launched with four visual settings that simulate experiences such as sitting in a theatre or being on stage.


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