Versace: Former employee claims fashion brand has code for black people

Versace: Former employee claims fashion brand has code for black people

A Versace store

A former employee of Versace is suing the brand for discriminatory policies against blacks.

A former employee of popular fashion brand Versace claims that its shops use a special code for black customers.

Christopher Sampino who used to work in the Versace store located in Bay Area, California filed a lawsuit against his former employers.

The lawsuit alleges that the managers of the shop told staff to say a special code ‘D410‘ in an easy-going manner when black people walked into the store.


This code was used to let other staff members know that a black person was in the store.

Sampino claims that when he had to say the code he was advised to hold a black shirt so that the black customers wouldn’t be aware.

After he was told to use the code, Sampino replied: "You know that I’m African-American?"

The former employee is now suing the Versace store for promoting discriminatory antics amongst other things such as the withholding of his login information which he needed to obtain printouts of his payslips.

Versace hasn’t responded to these claims.


In December 2015, Donatella Versace, the Italian fashion designer, chief designer and current Vice-President of the Versace Group joined Instagram.


The 60-year-old shared a first photo of herself and her current muse Gigi Hadid. She has gathered a whopping following of well over 125,000 followers on her first day.


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