Top 9 Types Of People You Will Always Meet In Nigerian Banks

Top 9 Types Of People You Will Always Meet In Nigerian Banks


In every Nigerian bank you go to, you meet different kinds of people with different purpose. Nigeria banks are always very crowded and you wonder why so many people are always in the bank.

The kind of people you find in a Nigerian bank can be funny, you might not be able to laugh at that moment but something keeps reminding you of whatever you must have seen in the bank.

These are the sets of people I bet you will find in a Nigerian bank:

1. Bank door rejectees

These set of people are the ones that always have problems with the bank door. They door keeps rejecting them, saying “Please go back and remove the metal object found on you…” They can only be allowed to go in once they remove any metal thing on their body.

2. The position keepers

The position keepers are the ones that like to sit, whenever they get to the bank they will just tap the person they meet on the queue and ask are you the last on the queue? Once they reply Yes! the next thing is “Please I’m behind you”. It is only when it is almost their turn that they will stand up and come and occupy their position.

3. The pen borrowers

These set of people will never come to the bank with a pen, and so they always borrow pen from others.

4.The slip wasters

This ones do not know how to fill anything, so they end up making mistakes and taking new slips.

5. The questionnaires

They will ask you for today’s date, where they will pick deposit slip, where they will do this and that and even after you tell them they will still ask other people to confirm.

6.The insufficient balance groups

They will always come and waste other people’s time on queue, even when they know that they don’t have money in their bank account.

7.The ‘I don’t know my account number groups’

They will give a name to the cashier and ask her to search for the number and when she is done they will ask her for a pen to write it down.

8. The escortees

These set of people have nothing to do in the Nigeria bank, they always accompany someone to the bank; maybe they are just coming to enjoy the air condition or to take selfie.

9. The rest room users

Most people go to the Nigeria banks just to use the rest room and nothing more.

Which one are you?

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