Toasting: “Nigerian women have no game”, or say they on Twitter

Toasting: “Nigerian women have no game”, or say they on Twitter

According to Nigerian men on Twitter, women do not have game

According to the guys on Nigerian Twitter, women's attempts at wooing them is hilarious and almost pitiable.

Do women have game? Or specifically, do Nigerian women have game?

You know the kind of game we are talking about. ‘Game‘, a collection of moves, lines, gestures and other non-verbal cues you use to woo the opposite sex.

In the supposedly normal equation of things, men are the ones who have game because they do all the chasing and toasting according to society’s standards and all.


However, within the last decade, men are not big on chasing women anymore. There has been a shift of some sorts. Walt Disney taught us if you go to a lady and say the right words she would fall into your arms.



No one believes these fairy tales anymore. With the alarming rise of friend zone tactics, the adoration of the anti-hero good guy/bad guy (e.g Chris Brown) and women soaking up a suitor’s attention without giving anything in return, men of today no longer have time for fun and games.


A lot of guys these days stop the chase early on when they notice the babe they are trying to toast is acting aloof or not giving them the green light. These men are okay with moving on to the next babe that catches their eye.


Now comes the situation where Nigerian women have to step up to the plate and make the first move. With the rise of feminism and the fluidity of gender roles, it really is no big deal if a babe starts toasting you.

Well according to the menfolk on Twitter, not a lot of women have game. This morning, Tuesday, December 27, 2016, a lot of guys have been tweeting about the wack game a lot of women possess.



What started off as bants early on has blown into a discussion about toasting, why women have to make the first move, expectations and that dreaded p-word patriarchy.


With all that has been written do you feel that it is time for Nigerian women to step their game up or should Nigerian men do better when approaching women?


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