Tinder: How Lagos guys can find real chicks on Tinder

Tinder: How Lagos guys can find real chicks on Tinder

It's still possible to find real babes on Tinder but you to have follow these steps to find them.

In September 2016, I wrote an article of how the popular dating app Tinder has become a flesh parlour where ‘runs girls’ (mobile prostitutes) parade their goods.

After getting hounded by numerous women on the site and hit by outrageous numbers for sexual trysts I deleted the app and concluded that you can’t find real love on Tinder.

Let’s be honest though, who is really looking for true love on Tinder, at best Lagos guys are looking for a one night stand and not something permanent.


The problem is that Tinder is such a big whore house that it is different for a guy to differentiate a babe who is down for the night from a babe who wants to make some money off you.

According to old timers though, there are ways to differentiate the real ones from the Allen Avenue crew. Below are steps to find a real chick on Tinder for you to hang out with.


1) Suggestive profile photo = runs girl

This is probably the realest way you can identify a runs girl on Tinder. If she has a sexually suggestive profile photo like a close-up of her breasts or ass you better swipe no. She isn’t on Tinder to casually hang out with you. She is selling her goods and you are a potential customer. If you swipe yes on her photo, 11 out of 10 chances that she is a runs girl that will bill you N40,000 for a night of sex. Do the needful and swipe no.


2) If she stays in Lekki with other chicks = runs girl

Some runs girls can slip in between the cracks on Tinder but when chatting with them. Early on in the conversation, ask your Tinder match where she lives. Bro, if she tells she lives in a Lekki crib with other girls then she is a runs girl. End the conversation and block her from Tinder. Majority of the runs girls in Lasgidi leave in Lekki with other runs girls. When you meet a chick who has this accommodation set-up chances are that she is a runs girl.

3) Simplify your bio

Nothing attracts runs girls more than wealth. Most guys on Tinder make the mistake of exaggerating their profiles to make them look like trust fund kinds. Nah, this will only attract runs girls and not real chicks. On Tinder put up nice photos that don’t show off wealth or lavish lifestyle. Keep your bio simple and don’t try to stunt. Make yourself appear like an ordinary guy. These will keep the runs girls off you.


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