The Evil Men Do: Man nabbed while trying to bury charm in neighbour’s compound (Graphic Photos)

The Evil Men Do: Man nabbed while trying to bury charm in neighbour’s compound (Graphic Photos)

The evil Gabon was caught trying to bury charm in his neighbour's compound

An evil man has been caught in a community in Imo State while burying a powerful charm in the compound of a popular politician.

An evil-minded man who attempted to bury a charm in his neighbour’s compound has been given the disgrace of his life after he was caught red handed in the act.

The man identified as Gabon Iyiaka, according to a Facebook user, C IG Iwunze, who witnessed the scene, was nabbed in the Umudiopara Umunakanu Owerri community in Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State, while trying to plant the charm in the compound of a kinsman, Chief Marcel Nnodim, also known as Marley.

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Iwunze narrated that it was not the first time Iyiaka who is known for his diabolical dealings, was caught trying to bury charms in people’s compounds and farmlands and this time, he was stripped naked, beaten severely and put in a wheelbarrow and paraded around the town.

This is how Iwunze captured the scene.

"The man you’re seeing here naked is Mr. Gabon Iyiaka from Umudiopara Umunakanu Owerri in Ehime Mbano LGA.

He was caught with charm today at Chief Marcel Nnodim’s (Marley) house when he was attempting to plant the charm at Marley’s house in the same Umudiopara.

Mr. Gabon used the key his native doctor gave him to lock Chief Marley Nnodim’s house before he was caught.

This same Gabon Iyiaka was caught sometime last year when he was naked at a mango tree at Umudiopara square bathing.

This man was caught in Chief Marley’s house on 14th December, 2016, and he said he was doing what the holy spirit directed him to do.

The case was postponed till during the Xmas but on the night of 19th December, 2016, this same man was caught again red handed doing the main thing, planting charms in the same Chief Marley’s house. this man is evil right from my childhood.

He deserves no pity. Thank God today is my village market day. Guess what the youths are doing with him in the market?

Chief Marley is a politician, philanthropist, a well-known individual in Ehime Mbano but he has been finding it so difficult to eat for the past 2 years."

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It is not known if the devilish Gabon was later handed over to the police or the case was handled by the village council.


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