Teenage Boy With 180-Degree Bent Neck Dies After Corrective Surgery

Teenage Boy With 180-Degree Bent Neck Dies After Corrective Surgery


Mahendra Ahirwar, a 13-year-old boy from India who lived most of his life with his head hanging to one side has died months after he underwent a corrective surgery to cure his bizarre condition.

Ahirwar is said to have suffered fromcongenital myopathy, a condition which made the muscles in his neck so weak that his head hung at an almost 180-degree angle.


In February, he was able to undergo surgery to straighten his neck following an international fund-raising campaign.

There were high hopes for Ahirwar after his operation, only later for hum to be announced dead by his family. He was said to have died suddenly while watching television.


UK’s Mirror reports that a former NHS doctor who completed the surgery to straighten the boy’s neck, Dr Rajagopalan Krishnan, said he was left shocked by his sudden death.

He said: “I can only conjecture that a massive cardiac or pulmonary event might have occurred and often there are no premonitory symptoms in such cases.

I think myopathy and poor chest muscles caught up with him in the end.”

He was among the bravest children I’ve seen since my return to India and I see the most terrible and neglected deformities,” he continued.

For me the joy and smile on his face when his head stopped sagging was one of the defining moments in my decision to operate on children with neglected and awful spinal disorders.

I am sure his absence will cause anguish to everyone who was involved in his care, his smile was brighter than the sun after his neck was straightened.”

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