Tambuwal: Gov to deduct Education Levy from workers’ salaries in Sokoto

Tambuwal: Gov to deduct Education Levy from workers’ salaries in Sokoto

Aminu Tambuwal

The Sokoto state government has announced its decision to deduct an eduction levy from workers' salaries for three consecutive years.

Sokoto State Government is set to commence the deduction of Education Levy from the salaries of public and civil servants from January 2017.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), reports that the deduction is to run for three consecutive years.

Gov Aminu Tambuwal disclosed this at a meeting with workers unions in Sokoto on Wednesday.

Tambuwal, therefore, solicited the cooperation and understanding of all civil and public servants.

The governor said: “You are aware of the declaration of emergency on education in this state. We are going all out to ensure its success.

”Everyone in the state, including wheelbarrow pushers, will be required to contribute his quota no matter how minute.

The state’s Head of Service, Dr. Buhari Kware, explained that the contributors of the levy were categorised into civil and public servants, pensioners and board members who are on allowances.

Civil servants on Grade Levels 1 to 6 would pay one percent of their basic salaries; those on Grade Levels 7 to 12 would pay one and a half percent while those on levels 13 to 16 would pay two per cent,” he added.

Kware also said that while all pensioners would pay one per cent of their pension, board members that are paid allowances, would also pay one per cent.

Public servants including the governor, deputy governor, commissioners, special advisers and assistants would pay five percent of their emoluments.

Similarly, chairmen and councillors in local government areas would pay five percent while local government secretaries would pay three per cent. 


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