Some People Will Believe Anything: 3 common myths about oral sex

Some People Will Believe Anything: 3 common myths about oral sex


There are several myths going around about oral sex that are very untrue and lots of people believe them, this post debunks them.

A lot of things are shrouded in mystery in life, and people sometimes don’t do their research, just believing what they’re told. One of those sort of topics is oral sex.

This topic is cloaked under a lot of false and untrue stories. Some men believe taking pineapple juice before receiving blowjob can make a tasteful difference while some ladies believe they cannot achieve orgasm during oral sex.

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Here are 3 of the most common myths that surround oral sex, compiled by Stephen Matthews, Mail Online


1. Pineapple make you taste better

It’s a common believe that eating pineapples or drinking pineapple juice before receiving blowjob as a guy will make a guy taste better. This is completely false, there is no need to consume pineapple. The truth is, consuming lots of tropical beverages a few days before could have an effect, experts have said.

It is known that diet and lifestyle choices can affect bodily fluids, but the results cannot be felt straight away.

‘No amount of pineapple in the world is going to make that semen taste like a piña colada, and honestly that would be a bit alarming anyway,’ New York-based sex therapist Dr Madeleine Castellanos told BuzzFeed Health.

A study carried out by 4 years ago had six willing couples where they were given pineapple to eat before they had oral sex. They found out that consuming high amounts made a significant difference to the taste of both men and women’s secretion. Also, in the same vein, it was discovered that eating red meat, drinking coffee or smoking can compromise the taste.

2. Women cannot orgasm

I know you’ve heard it so many times that it sounds believable. It is possible for women to achieve orgasm through oral sex. Reports suggests about 80% of women have difficulty reaching orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone. This can be caused by a variety of reasons such as worry or lack of sexual knowledge, Some people have also been known to be unable to climax because of their genetic make-up.

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Stimulating the clitoris is still a way of achieving this result.

3. STI isn’t possible from oral sex

A lot of people believe sexual transmitted infections cannot be gotten from oral sex. This is very wrong because a large size of syphilis cases have been due to unprotected oral sex, experts have said.

It is advised that men receiving blowjob should wear a condom to remove the risk unwanted infection. Possible STIs that can be gotten from oral sex include herpes genital wards, gonorrhea, HIV and chlamydia.

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