Some People Need Help SERIOUSLY! 10 weird requests prostitutes get

Some People Need Help SERIOUSLY! 10 weird requests prostitutes get


People take fetishes to a higher level with some of the most bizarre requests they ask of prositute but they pay very well for it.

I know we all have our secret fetishes, but some people’s request are beyond bizarre. In other to run away from the real world and get that intense feeling they seek, their only option is to get prostitutes to fulfill these wishes

Here are 10 weird requests prostitutes have gotten from customers as published on Reddit.



1. Widower (The man who wants a prostitute to play house)

Distant cousin turned back from years of being a hooker told me that the weirdest thing a client ever asked her to do was play housewife for an entire day. He had her pick up his dry cleaning, do the dishes, do the laundry, clean the house, watch reality tv (he actually had recorded shows ahead of time for this), and make him dinner. He paid her 1500 and then cuddled her at the end of the night.

Apparently he looked at pictures of his long dead wife (who liked very much like my cousin) and quietly sobbed himself to sleep. (jamestht)

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2. Stay Fresh (The man that wants sweat underneath the boobs)

One of my clients likes to saran-wrap my tits flat against my chest and then collects my under-boob sweat into his hand. (Red_Mischa)



3. Dirty Girl (The man that wants to clean her with his tongue)

I had a client who always contacted me 3 days in advanced to our scheduled “meeting”. He always wanted me not to shower, bathe, clean, you name it, for at least 3 days and he always wanted me to take a shit 1hr before meeting him without wiping my ass afterwards. He liked to clean me by slowly licking me all over, ass included.(dliquid2)


4. Sweat Lover (The man that wants to rub his face over her feet)

NOT A PROSTITUTE but when I was a dancer, I had a guy who always came in to buy private dances and then just spend the time smelling, kissing and licking my feet and rubbing his face on them. The sweatier the better.


5. Dick Biter (The man that wants her to bite his dick as hard as possible)

I know a girl who was an escort and she told me about a guy once who wanted her to bite his dick repeatedly as hard as she could. She said he kept begging her to bite harder but she couldn’t because she was literally afraid she’d bite it off if she did. He couldn’t cum and got really mad at her that she wouldn’t keep biting. (ZombieRakunk)

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6. Second Job ( The man that wants her to cook all day)

My client requested that I come to his place wearing dress pants, black short sleeved shirt, and black shoes. Then he made me wear one of these weird sun cap kinda things. He made me cook hamburgers all day, and at the end I only got paid $102.50. I got fucked pretty bad. Worst part after I did it, I kept doing it, and am still doing it.


7. You gouda be kiddin’ me (The man who wants cheese grater on his dick)

I saw a TV interview with a woman who’s weirdest customer used to turn up in a stretch limo. She would get in, use the CHEESE GRATER he brought with him on his dick until he was satisfied. He would reappear for a repeat performance every few months, after he had healed. (Milfoy)

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8. It goes to waste anyway (The man who pays to eat her shit)

Ex girlfriend of mine is a stripper. Some of her coworkers do “extras”. One of them told her about how she would shit in a bowl for this lawyer client if hers for 10K and he’d eat it. She justified it by saying she was simply providing a service for someone who would get it satisfied elsewhere if she wasn’t doing it. One day though as he was eating, he stopped to tell her that it tasted so good he wanted to bring it home to feed his kids. That was the last time she dealt with him on any level. (trollinandscratchin)


9. My Loubs! (The man who wants to take a shit in her shoes)

Yeah had one old guy call me up and asked if I was into doing some really weird stuff, I said yeah okay, I’ve seen it all. So I come round and this little old guy is like ‘get naked and stand on your head in the corner’ and im like okay.. well after about 45 mins I was getting really bored and asked him ‘I thought you wanted to do some really weird stuff?’ He said ‘I already did, I took a dump in your shoes.’ Nice. (skidkids)

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10. Stiletto lover (The man that loves absolute pain)

My mom told me this, because she used to work in a club, and some of the girls there would turn some tricks for extra money. She said they told her about this one guy who would come in, and basically what he wanted to do was sit on the floor, and let a stripper who was wearing very long and thin stiletto heels, literally insert the tip of her heel into his urethra. Apparently he had a build up of scar tissue on the head of his dick from doing this for so long, I think he came in once a week or so. (mhunter94)


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