Skuki Peeshaun: Best lessons from singer’s first relationship seminar

Peeshaun hold first ever relationship seminar

Peeshaun's Guy Girl Code seminar has quietly come and gone, but these five lessons resonate from the first gathering of its kind.

Peeshaun of the music group Skuki has branched out into relationship discussions and he’s doing just fine at it.

The above is for those who do not know yet about his Guy Girl Code Instagram and Snapchat posts, as well his ebook, all of which dwell on worrisome relationship issues that people have not really gotten a hold of, despite the numerous advice going round from time immemorial.

In furtherance of this new-found passion of his, Peeshaun, the ‘Stamina’ singer organised an interractive session yesterday, December 20th, 2016, at the Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos.

Despite the singer’s refusal to stick to the time he fixed himself, the seminar did quite well for a beginner.

Below are five of the biggest talking points.


1. Self discovery before partner discovery

Peeshaun is of the opinion that if you do not know yourself yet, you can’t hold down a relationship in the right way.

He says no matter how powerfully you desire to give yourself into a relationship, you’ll end up failing at it if you do not know who you are, what your deepest fears and greatest strengths are.

You can’t even teach or direct your partner to love you right if you do not know completely know yourself.

No one gives what they do not have, right?

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2. Women and the faulty perception of men

Men see women as women are, Peeshaun says.

Men understand that women need to be understood, pampered, cuddled, respected and basically treated in the best manners possible.

That however, does not apply to women, many of whom see men as they want them to be and not how they really are.

Women often want men to be the picture of the ideal man they have conceived in their minds, without realising that some of the idealist pictures in their minds can never be replicated in a real life, breathing human.

He says women want men who perfectly fit their feminine idea of what a man should in a relationship, whereas men are naturally built to think and act differently.

Of course, this disparity in ideas will often pose problems in relationships.

3. The giver/taker relationship

Peeshaun, 30, explains that every relationship has one partner who is the receiving end of many of the good things in the relationship, while another one enjoys giving and does so without complaints’

However, because relationships are normally meant to be 50% contribution on all fronts, the giver might get fed up at some point where he/she is giving way too much and getting nothing or not much in return.


4. No hard and fast set of rules

The interractive session saw a lot of audience participation as promised and one member of the audience made a point when he said there aren’t relationship rules set in stone and unbendable.

Agreeing with the opinion, Peeshaun says the rules and codes of relationships and love are not necessarily definitive and fixed.

What works for A might not work for B, and what works for B might only work for C when it is slightly modified.

And then, he says, there’ll be rules that work just fine for everyone. Those universal ideals that are just about right for all and sundry.

5. Sex does not have to be like test driving

This point was raised by a rather outspoken and forthright participant by the name, Amaka, who says women [and guys, too, of course] will enjoy sex more if they discussed their preferences before even getting to it, rather than learning along the way.

That is to say, partners should have discussed their sexual preferences before actually beginning to get into the deed.


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