Skepta: How Grime’s biggest rapper shut down Lagos

Skepta: How Grime’s biggest rapper shut down Lagos

Skepta performing at Native Land

Skepta gave an energetic and pulsating performance at Native Land concert in Lagos.

Drake is to rap as to what Skepta is to Grime (a sub-genre of rap music originated and dominant in the United Kingdom).

Skepta is the overlord of the sub-genre that has taken the world by storm. 2016 has been a phenomenal year for Joseph Junior Adenuga with his US tour and Mercury Prize in September.

This month he released his documentary ‘Greatness Only‘ which is available for streaming on Apple.


Topping off the great year, Skepta was tapped to perform at Native Land in Lagos, Nigeria on Thursday, December 22, 2016. This is not the first time Skepta has performed in Lagos but with his success, this was going to be more special.

Native Land was the perfect show for Skepta’s homecoming performance. Several Nigerian acts based in London and Atlanta (the IGJB crew) performed their songs which surprisingly a lot of the people in the crowd knew.

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In essence, the show was about foreign-based Nigerian acts showing their stuff to a crowd of returnee students who are back home for the holidays. It was these same students who made the Migos concert in Lagos go viral with their wild reaction to the group’s hit track ‘Bad and Bougee‘.


A few minutes after midnight, Skepta got on stage wearing a brown t-shirt and grey tracks. He started his set with one of his hit singles ‘That’s Not Me‘ which shot a bolt of pure energy to the youthful crowd.


Skepta had a mature and organised set. The MC went through most of his catalogue swiftly but with enough passion that created an amazing intimacy between him and the crowd.

Songs like ‘Aint’ Safe‘, ‘ Numbers‘, and ‘Ladies Hit Squad‘ made Muri Okunola Park look like a grave concert in the heart of North London where Skepta grew up. The young boys and girls recited Skepta’s lyrics bar for bar as they jumped up, scrunched their faces and went berserk when a popular line from one of his songs vibrated through the speakers.

It was pure madness when Skepta performed the anti-famzing hit ‘Man’  off his latest project Konichiwa.


As Drake’s voice boomed from the speakers saying this famous words,  "Trusss me daddi,  mans never been in marquee when its shut down eh" the audience bounced and got ready for Skepta’s performance of his cross-over single ‘Shutdown‘.


It really was a shutdown and even Burna Boy could not duplicate the energy of the Tottenham rapper when it was his turn on stage.

Skepta might be a product of North London’s harsh streets but even in far away Lagos his hard hitting rhymes resonates within a crowd young Nigerians.


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