SeyiLaw Humiliated FunkyP At Belicious Unleashed 2.0

SeyiLaw Humiliated FunkyP At Belicious Unleashed 2.0

He had earlier given respect to his senior colleague seyi Law who was seated at the event. Immediately , Seyi Law rose from his seat and approached the stage, collected the microphone from the MC, and said to the audience present and I quote “why una dey laugh at person wey dey crack my joke”. Which means Seyi Law accused FUNKY P of reaping him off his jokes. He didn’t end there, he went on to mock funky p immediately after a wow performance.., Seyi Law went on to crack the joke he claimed Funky P had stolen from him and it didn’t sound similar in anyway.making his fans n FunkyP fans confused of wat he was trying to do.. Now the audience Funky P had earlier overwhelmed began to give looks of disappointment because a lot of his (Funky p) fans, from Benin Republic and Nigeria felt funky p had stolen his joke.

Now I want to understand, where is it accepted for a senior colleague, especially one who was acknowledged to humiliate a fellow colleague, an upcoming act well known in Benin Republic for wowing several audiences home and abroad. I think this is Seyi Law trying to paint a bad picture and create a wrong image and impression of his junior colleague which is poor for his fan base. Cos even if d so callled joke was stolen was d talking about it in that manner a solution . it looks like oga seyi did dat to have a wow factor to amuse the audience not minding what damage it would have cost the comedian and his fans present yesterday.the fact still remain dat d acclaimed joke was one scenario but funky p stayed up to 10mins with different jokes ..why not complement rather than humiliate him like that.. We are yet to from Funky P and Seyi Law.

An angry Seyi law fan sent this to our mail.
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