Relationship Talk: “My girlfriend’s sister wants to sleep with me, accuses her of cheating on me”

Relationship Talk: “My girlfriend’s sister wants to sleep with me, accuses her of cheating on me”

Relationship Talk

Should I just walk away from all of this drama? Will that be the best thing to do?

My girlfriend of 10 months has a younger sister who has been hitting on me almost as soon as we were introduced to each other.

I know the right thing to do is to avoid her and ignore her advances and I have been doing just that despite her relentlessness.

The problem now is this, for like the past four months she has taken the game to another level; she now swears her sister is cheating on me, telling me about how she has one other boyfriend and how she keeps in close contact with her ex who still wants to come back to her.

Truly, my girlfriend has been acting funny for like four months too. She doesn’t pick my calls for long periods and when she does, her explanations do not add up.

Her sisters say she goes on dates with her ex and meets up with her other boyfriend in hotel rooms once in a while

While I am not sure she is cheating, I’m also not sure she’s not, because her sister seems so sure, and I know my girlfriend tells her sister almost everything.

Now my question is this, should I ask my girlfriend if she’s truly cheating on me and break up with her, or should I pay her back by taking what her sister is offering?

Or should I just walk away from all of this drama?


This is quite difficult as the sister makes some very strong allegations.

She could be saying the truth and she could be saying these things just to get her goal of successfully seducing you.

Nevertheless, don’t ever sleep with that lady. Even if it happens that your girlfriend is indeed cheating on you.

People’s bad nature should never affect the goodness of your heart. Two wrongs will never ever make a right.

If you are particular about assurances, all you need do is ask the younger sister to provide concrete evidence of the accusations she levels against her sister.

If she’s unable to provide this, then you can be sure that her accusations are baseless and that she’s just looking for ways to lure you into her scheme.

I advise you to have a honest, open-minded chat with your girlfriend afterwards.

Tell her everything from A to Z and lay the accusations on the table.

You need to ask her these questions in clear terms and let her reassure you that she’s not cheating on you.

If, however, it happens that the allegations are true, then by all means, please walk away.

The drama of having your girlfriend cheating on you, and her sister asking to be your sidechick will be too much for you to deal with.


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