Reason Why You Should Avoid Skin Bleaching

Reason Why You Should Avoid Skin Bleaching


Here are some of the skin and health conditions that can come from bleaching your beautiful skin;

Patchy Uneven Skin colour:The use of bleaching products will give you speckled or uneven skin as a result of uneven application. This patchy coloring could also be as a result of uneven coloring on your skin. It will make your black spots very vivid and appear worse, and it may leave some parts of your skin darker than other parts.

Impaired Healing:You could be impairing your ability to heal when suffering from an injury, lesion or rash. As women during child birth you could need an emergency C-section, that scar could take a much longer time to heal if you have been bleaching years.

Skin Thinning:Repeated use of whitening creams may cause thinning of the skin, a condition that may be characterized by severe bruising, exposed capillaries, stretch marks and other serious problems.

Skin reaction:One of the risks you expose your skin to when you bleach is sensitivity and often times it is very hard to avoid this because of our climatic condition. When melanin is not present in your skin, and it is exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun in very high concentrations, you will have skin irritation and high sensitivity. It is well known that many want to keep radiant, luxurious, supple, fresh and beautiful skin.

All these can be achieved by using nontoxic compounds and making use of creams that are not harmful to your skin and health.

I am not judging anyone for the choices they make with their bodies, but one must be aware of the risks.

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