Reason Why Johnny Drille Signed by Don Jazzy is the Next Pop Sensation

Reason Why Johnny Drille Signed by Don Jazzy is the Next Pop Sensation


One of the biggest news that hit the Social media this week is the signing of Johnny Drille under Don Jazzy’s record label, Mavins Records. A lot of music enthusiasts envisaged this for Johnny, but not so many people thought he would be under clinched by the music mogul himself.

All we knew was that Johnny Drille would one day get massive and be known all over the world. And today, his long time dream of being a popular super-star has just been brought to life by Don Jazzy.

We can confidently say Johnny Drille has spent his whole (music) life listening to country/folk song.

He released a song in the year 2015. And when you listen, you will surely be of the opinion that the song still has so much relevance in terms of contemporary tunes and sounds.

It won’t just be an understatement if we mention that this guy is the next pop sensation in Nigeria as well as Africa. He definite infuse the pop culture into the Nigerian sound with so much ease, you would think it’s Malik of One Direction singing in pidgin.

He is a suitable candidate for pop export from Africa to the rest of the world, most especially the Western worlds, which surely has a much influence on his type of music.

This is not even a hype, it is certain that Johnny Drille will surely take the Nigerian music industry by storm in the coming few weeks when media tours will commence for him and his new co-signees, DNA, under the stead of the Supreme Mavin Dynasty.

Don Jazzy really made a very good move signing this dude, who is an embodiment of talents. Only that one will wonder why it took this long for the deal to be accomplished. Well, now is the best time as everyone has their time.

And who understands the times better, if not the Don himself. Johnny Drille has actually found himself the platform that will catapult him to the world. It is obvious this brother is going to explode. He moved from a little known genius to an instant super star the moment he was announced as a new member of the SMD.

We know the year 2017 is Johnny’s year. The combination of his raw talents with Don Jazzy’s unique style of management, which even Lagos Business School graduates cannot boast of, will do the Magic.

Even Johnny Drille’s previous works, which have been getting a lot of downloads in the past few hours, will sound archaic by the time he starts dishing out his new sounds under his new management.

It’s no surprise that Johnny worked with one of the best producers, especially in the contemporary pop genre, Cobhams Asuquo. But one thing that we can beat our chest to is that his best is just about to be unravelled.

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