Rahdah announce launch of two digital company as plan to disrupt Africa Digital Space

Rahdah today announced the formation of two new Digital Company as part of its ongoing digital transformation. “Building on our highly successful traditional business of Integrated Information and Records Management, our customers are looking for digital services to give them a competitive edge in their respective industries.”

Rahdah plans to solve customers digital worries and nightmare at ease with this announcement of Rahdah digital,which is a digital strategy and solutions company offering services like

*Digital Marketing
*Social Media marketing
*Sales and Marketing
*Business Planning And Solutions

Sister company:

Rahdah distro offers digital distribution of content and tailored services in
*Digital Distribution to Stores
*Artist/Recording Company Branding
*Visual Services

Customers will benefit from Rahdah’s trusted solutions and offerings, With the rapid pace of innovation in the technology sector, the opportunity to drive additional customer value through digital offerings has never been more opportune.Rahdah believes that this practice moves its offerings from the back office to directly servicing its customers at the core of their business.

The Digital Company will be launch on the 8th of March 2019.

The Company plans to be leaders in the digital industry in Africa in few years to come.

Creatively dominating!!!

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Facebook,Twitter,Instagram: @rahdahdistro @rahdahdigital


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