Punk Article: My Thoughts On Marriage

Punk Article: My Thoughts On Marriage


Marriage is not just something u can jump into, You need a lot of patience to live together as husband and wife, I mean a lot. Living with a girlfriend is not like living with a wife. You marrying her means you are sure and prepared for all the trouble she’ll give to you, but it shouldn’t even move you at all since it’s part of what you have prepared for before marrying her. You shouldn’t get married and then break off the wedding few years after. So why marry in the first instance? 

    Most celebrities get together because they feel they are not meant to date random people, People who are not up to their standard but in reality those are the people who will be able to handle the relationship better. They don’t get disturbed by what they see in the news. You don’t think about only when the going gets good, what about when it gets bad will you be able to handle the pressure. Really I’m not even a writer but I just had to write this because of the recent divorce news about Ubi Franklin who is the boss of TripleMG and his wife Lillian Esoro. I do not know what has caused the issue between them. 

   When going into marriage you need to forget about public sentiment and focus on what you wish to achieve with your wife since you are now a team connected together in true love. Think about how u want to raise your children morally and spiritually 

   Rather what most of our celebrities feel for each other is not love but lust which fades away over time. Sometimes it’s very difficult to differentiate between Love and Lust. You know they enjoy seeing their pictures on people’s timeline. All the PDA (public display of affection) on the red carpet, but along the line they get tired of it and break off the relationship. You can lust over someone for more than five years but at the end it fades away. The sexy look, the lingering smiles and the appearance of the other partner shouldn’t be what would attract you. You really need to sit down and ask yourself if the person you want to get married to fits into your life and goal. Would you easily forgive the person when things go wrong.

    It’s not possible for couples not to fight and it’s not also wrong for them to fight. What is wrong is for them to bring it to public. Random people starts saying different things and thereby fuelling the fight. What happens next if final break off of the relationship. Why not solve your problems silently and let people see only the good side of the relationship, the quarrels are meant to be in secret. You need to ask yourself that when you habe the deepest of quarrels, would you still let go of the disputes and stay with him/her. Marriage is far beyond what most of them think. Marriage is even beyond Love. You need to run compatibility and emotional test before agreeing to say yes to his proposal. 

    If you really love a woman you wouldn’t even cheat on her, not to talk of beating her or doing any other bad thing to her. you would even apologize to her what she did wrong not because you are being foolish but because of the love you have for her

    2016 has been a year full of celebrity marriage issues, ranging from Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida, Tunji Balogun and Tiwa Savage and a couple of others. I hope 2017 will be a better year for our celebrities. Maturity is not by Age, it really takes more than how old you are to handle marriage. Please and please if you know you are not ready for marriage do not even allow anyone to push you into it. How do you expect your kids to feel when they finally grow up. Please think about it well before you get married.

    Written by Akinwale Oluwafolahan 

       Edited by Anthony Oluwafemi 

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