5 things you should know before you graduate

5 things you should know before you graduate

5 things you should know before you graduate

After graduation comes the perks of adulthood, here are things you should figure out before graduating.

Whether you are a hardcore nerd or you’re the life of the party or just you like to keep the balance between the two, these are a few things you should never leave the university without knowing.

1. How to study and research. If you don’t study, then why are you in school? You might as well go sell Bonga fish with your time. Study your notes and textbooks. Do your projects and assignments yourself; don’t pay someone to do them for you.

Don’t plagiarize other people’s works. Even if you don’t get caught in school, it will affect you when you get out and have to come up with original content on your job.

2. Your passion. A lot of people get into school and study courses they were given rather than what they really wanted while some others study courses they thought they liked but only discovered halfway through that they did not like it.

So while in school, look inside you and try other things aside from your regular school work just to know what you are really passionate about.

3. How to cook. If you don’t learn to cook before leaving the university, you might never do. If you have formed the habit of eating out in school, it might be harder to break when you live school.

If you attend a private university like I did where you are not allowed to cook your own food, you might want to take culinary classes during your holidays. Trust me you’ll thank me later.

4. Your strengths and weaknesses. It was in school I got to know that I’m bad at recalling numbers and names but I recall actual events really well and with a lot of detail. This will help you to know what you should do and what shouldn’t try after school. 

5. How to handle your finances. I still regret that I didn’t learn this while in school as it affected me when I first started working. Read books about personal financial management and practice the things there so you’ll be used to them by the time you leave school.

6. Learn how to relate with the opposite sex. You should learn how to ask a girl out, you should learn how not to sell yourself cheap; learn when no means yes etc.

Written by Iyebiye Olawuyi.


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