Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Loveth should stop the unholy affair she has with Tobi

Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Loveth should stop the unholy affair she has with Tobi

This sad woman needs advice

74% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters have advised Loveth to end the affair she is having with Tobi but should keep it a secret from Joan.

Loveth and Joan have been the best of friends right from their childhood days. They grew up together and have been inseparable until Joan’s boyfriend, Tobi, came into the scene.

He seduced Loveth and they have been having sex regularly behind Joan’s back but now, they are getting married and Loveth is full of guilt.

Read her story here:

"My name is Loveth, a 28-year-old lady. I am in a dilemma at the moment and I do not know how to tell my childhood friend, Joan, that I have been sleeping with her fiance, Tobi, for over two years now.

I know many of your readers will rush to condemn me or even call me unprintable names; I do not have control over that but I will beg you to kindly take it easy with me because I have blamed and castigated myself so much in the past few months.

I know if Joan gets to know what I have been doing with Tobi, she would never forgive me and could call off her relationship, something I do not pray for.

I have come to realise my mistakes and I wish I could have the courage to confess to Joan and ask for her forgiveness because the guilt is really eating me up.

Joan and I grew up together in Enugu and we became very good friends all through our primary and secondary schools, only to be separated when we got into the university but we kept in touch.

During the holidays, we interchanged visits, swapped stories, especially boyfriend stories and kept each other abreast of what we missed out.

We had planned that we would be each other’s lady of honour whenever we get married. Our relationship grew from strength to strength and when she met Tobi, I was the first person she told.

She was head over heels in love with Tobi and the way she spoke about him made me jealous, though in a friendly way. I swear that I never ever imagined that a time would come when Joan’s boyfriend would ever appeal to me sexually though we had crushes once in a while on one another’s brother and we always laughed over it.

But when I met Tobi finally, I knew there was going to be trouble. Tobi is this hunk of a guy that has what it takes to sweep any woman off her feet, and there was little wonder that Joan was crazy about him.

I tried all I could to avoid a situation where I would be alone with Tobi without Joan being there but it happened on the day Joan had to travel on a very short notice to see her sick father in the village.

She had this habit of preparing Tobi’s meals and taking them to his house and she begged that I should help her make some meals and take it to him.

I did not see anything wrong with Joan’s request so when I closed from work, I made some fried rice and took to Tobi’s house.

After eating the food, I took the plates to the kitchen to wash before going home. I was still at the sink when I felt Tobi’s hands on me. I turned with a mixture of surprise and anger only to behold the fire in his eyes and despite myself, I melted as he planted his lips on me.

The kiss Tobi gave me was out of this world, as if I had never been kissed in my life. Within minutes, Tobi had carried me to his bedroom and made love to me.

For the first time in my life, I experienced what real orgasm was. We spent the night making love and since then, it has been so. I sneaked behind Joan’s back to have sex with Tobi at every opportunity I have.

In fact, I have been so much into Tobi that making love to my own boyfriend has become a chore. Tobi is engaged to be married to Joan in a few month’s time but we still find time to have sex on a regular basis.

I know what I am doing is very wrong but I can’t seem to help myself.


The teaser for the day was:

Would you confess to your best friend that you are sleeping with his/her fiance/fiancée?

How Nigeria voted:

Yes, I will confess so she can forgive me – 23%

No, I will keep it a secret – 3%

I won’t tell him/her but stop the affair immediately – 74%

How would you vote here?


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