Pulse List: How to be a real Lagos big girl

Pulse List: How to be a real Lagos big girl

Lagos big babes are always ready for the camera

There is no mystery in being a Lagos big girl. All you have to do is follow these tips down to the last letter.

Lagos big girls- the hottest and creme de la creme of babes in this metropolis of ours.

These are the babes that ‘tension’ guys and chicks on social media with their high rolling, rock and rolling ways. Yeah, the Rihanna-worshipping, Twitter goddesses that fill our timelines with their weekend adventures and tales of their savagery.

If you are outside the exclusive club and want to be a part of the happening babes in ‘Gidi, you can check out how to be like them in the list below;


1) Brazilian Hair

Hey sis, forget about that team natural. Go and break the bank, open your kolo, borrow, steal, loan, beg. Do what you must to get the best and most expensive Brazilian hair. All Lagos big babes are team Brazilian hair. Jump on the train. It is a way to identify the big girls from the shawarma babes.



2) Iphone 7

If your phone is panlasa or team Android, please drop it. The big girls in Lagos use iPhones, the latest one. The newest iPhone is the iPhone 7. If you can’t afford it get you a maga that will buy it for you. Lagos big girls don’t deal with guys using iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.


3) Uber

Baby girl, stop entering danfo and yellow cabs. To be a big girl you have to use Uber to get to your destination even if it’s the aboki shop down the street. Your car can’t come now until you hustle properly but till then hail an Uber.


4) SnapChat filters

To be a Lagos big babe, your social media game has to be on point. Don’t post random selfies or pictures. Every photo of you has to be calculated and well planned. Big babes don’t post random photos, they embellish their pictures with Snapchat filters to give it that extra spark. Use SnapChat filter always. No one wants to see your real face.


5) Be at all social events

Have you noticed you see the same babes at OLIC, Rhythm Unplugged, Social Liga etc. This is because Lagos big babes make it their duty to be at all the happening events where they can be seen and noticed. What is the use of being a fine babe and staying indoors all the time? To be a big babe you have to waka around so that they can see you.


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