Playboy Diaries: Shade’s threeaway

Playboy Diaries: Shade’s threeaway

Shade's threeaway

Patience let out a groan as she watched me squeeze my dick, jets of cum escaping and falling on Shade's ass and back.

There was a knock on my door that Friday evening. I opened up. It was Shade.

I frowned immediately. She had this knack for just showing up. I hated that. Of course, I knew her visit usually ended in sex but the way she comes over like she owned the place irritated me.

"Don’t look that way," she said with that annoyingly high-pitched voice. "I brought you a present."

My eyes widened as I watched her pulled the hand of someone just outside my line of vision. Before I knew it, she was dragging another girl into my living room. I gaped at them both. What the hell was Shade planning?

The girl was quite pretty. Her makeup was not as extreme as Shade’s and for some reason, she looked a little shy. She smiled at me in greeting and I smiled back. Shade led her to a seat which she took, then she went into my fridge to get a bottle of wine. Again, like she owned the damn place, she went to the kitchen to get glasses and passed them round then began to fill them with the wine.

She sat beside her friend and turned to me and said, "This is Patience." Patience nodded at me. I could see the connection between Shade and Patience. Something was going on between them. Whatever it was, I was going to be a part of it and my irritation soon gave way to excitement as I sat back and watched the whole thing play out.

About fifteen minutes later, Shade collected the glass from Patience and set them on a stool. She leant close to her and they began to kiss. My cock twitched as I sipped my drink, watching the girls play. Patience, who first started off unsure soon began to get into it as Shade reached under her blouse and began to stroke her breast. Patience moaned, moving closer to Shade who then pushed her gently until she was lying on the couch. Shade began to take off her clothes and I got the chance to admire Patience’s body.

Patience moaned under Shade’s touch. My cock was pushing dangerously against my shorts and I unzipped, grabbing it in my hand. I stroked my cock while watching Shade eat Patience’s pussy.

Shade was a good pussy pleaser. She was fingering Patience and licking her at the same time. Before long, Patience was screaming in pleasure. Shade smiled and kissed her. That’s when Shade got up, took Patience’s hand and led her into my bedroom. I could see cum juice running down Patience’s legs as she walked. I followed.

We were all naked on my standing in my bedroom a few minutes later. I stood there and the two of them worked on me. Shade was kissing me while Patience was sucking my cock. The sight of her sucking my dick made me even harder. I wanted a piece of her. I pulled back from her after a while. I asked her to go on her hands and knees. She walked up to my bed and did just that.

Since Shade seemed to know where everything was, I asked her to go get a bottle of lube. She handed it to me and I positioned myself behind Patience. I spread those cheeks of hers wide open and lubed up my finger then slid it inside her asshole. She purred. This woman was no stranger to having stuff up her ass, that’s for sure.

I put on a condom and pressed my cock against Patience’s back door. I thrust into her, sliding my cock into her asshole. She pushed back against me, seeming to want even more of my cock up her butt. I was glad to give her more. I held her by the hips and thrust into her. Man, I love fucking a tight ass. Her ass wasn’t virgin but it was tight enough. I fucked it, shoving my cock deep inside her. Patience took it like a champ as Shade simply sat on my bed, watching us, a lustful look on her face. I continued to fuck that deliciously tight asshole of hers for a while before I finally came and pulled out.

Shade turned to me as Patience turned away. She put my cock in my mouth and began to suck like the pro I knew she was. She then turned around to and asked me to fuck her cunt. I obliged and stuffed my cock into her pussy. She moaned as I fucked her. Shade’s pussy felt good around my dick. She tightened around me, squeezing me in deeper. Patience watched us, two fingers sliding into her own wet pussy. She pumped herself with her finger in the same pace with which I was fucking Shade. Within a few minutes, she came hard from watching us both. Shade looked up at her and she began to quake as she came too.

I was happily thrusting in and out of her, my nails digging into the flesh of her ass. Her ass called to me and I removed my dick from her pussy. I was soaked with her juice so I simply slid in and easily into her asshole. I began to move, fucking her tight asshole hard and fast until I felt my cum threatening to escape. I thrust had thrice into her then removed my cock. Patience let out a groan as she watched me squeeze my dick, jets of cum escaping and falling on Shade’s ass and back. It seemed never-ending as I kept shooting cum all over her until her whole ass was covered in my jizz.

Afterwards, I collapsed on the bed and Patience came to lie beside me. Her hand reached downwards to stroke me. I assumed she wanted another turn.


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