Only In Naija: Alleged witch trapped on electric poll returning from coven (Photos)

Only In Naija: Alleged witch trapped on electric poll returning from coven (Photos)

The alleged witch on top of the pole

Residents of a community in Nigeria were awaken to a bizarre after finding an old woman, said to be a witch, perched on the top of an electric pole.

In what can best be described as stranger than fiction story, an elderly woman in a part of Nigeria was mysteriously found trapped to an electric pole during a diabolical process.

According to a Facebook user who shared the story on social media, the 80-year-old woman who was alleged to be a witch, was coming back from a meeting in their coven but got trapped on the electric pole on her way back from her secret cult.


The woman who was sighted by residents of the area was reportedly rescued from the pole by youths and other residents who had gathered to witness the strange sight.

According to the witness, the octogenarian allegedly confessed that she and her other members had just closed from the secret meeting and were on their way when she landed on the electric pole and all efforts by other members to rescue her proved futile and they had to abandon her when the dawn was almost on them.


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The woman was then taken to the palace of the community’s ruler who persuaded the teeming crowd to disperse.


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