Nigerian Industry Events: The 5 people you should avoid at these type of gatherings

Nigerian Industry Events: The 5 people you should avoid at these type of gatherings

Know the people to run away from at industry events

When you at an entertainment industry event in Nigeria, these are the people to run away from.

It’s the end of the year and during this period a lot of events and shows are organized. Within the last two weeks there have been more shows than the whole year out together.

From the Headies to Olamide’s annual concert at Eko Hotel, Lagos is choked full with events and that is also because it is the capital of entertainment in the country. Everything goes down in Lagos from movie premieres to big concerts.

While it is fun to attend these events, there are certain type of people who you bump into that could make your outing unpleasant for you. These set of people are always at events. You see them all the type. If you do not know who we are, read the list below to find out who they are and avoid them.


1) The Famzer

There is always a famzer at any event. A famzer is someone who tries to act familiarize with you and act as is if the two of you have a deep and personal relationship. They see you from afar and yell your name. They hurriedly walk towards you, give you a hug and ask you a bunch of questions like you’ve been friends since primary school. These famzers should be avoided completely because they bore you with small talk and stupid questions that go nowhere.


2) The ‘Manager’

If famzers don’t disturb you then you are most likely to be hunted down by managers who go on and on about their clients. These managers are not the good managers in the business. They are the ones who have been in the game for years and never really have clients. They claim to be working with bug names but at the end of it all it’s a big ruse to dupe people from their money. If you attend industry events, stay clear from these types or else…


3) The Industry Groupie

If you are observant, you would have noticed that you keep seeing the same chicks at some events over and over again. The job descriptions of these chicks are very vague. Some of them claim to handle publicity for some random artistes and others say they do PR for night clubs. One thing is for certain, these babes know all the guys in the industry. In reality, they are groupies looking for the next hot thing in the business. If you don’t want to be on Instablog 9ja or Sub Delivery Man’s timeline anytime soon run away from them.


4) The Bitter Person

Another group you should ignore when at industry events are the bitter people who can’t let go of the past. When they spot you at an event, they tell you the same old story all over again- of how they use to work with such and such but they were betrayed by this person after giving all their all into his or her career. They are known for boring you with tales of the past and treachery. The bitter person knows how to suck your energy away.


5) The Name Dropper

This person is hands down the most annoying person at industry events. Before you can have a meaningful discussion with them, they let you know that they have this pop star on speed dial and they hung out with a superstar Nollywood actress last week. This type of people gloat all day and say nothing meaningful.


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