Naija Owanbe: Features of a Yoruba wedding

Naija Owanbe: Features of a Yoruba wedding


Just in case you are planning to attend a Yoruba wedding soon, here are things you should expect to see!

Just in case you are planning to attend a Yoruba wedding soon or you’re not the owambe type but you want to have a Yoruba wedding soon and you want to do it right.

These are a few things you should expect, put in place or prepare for as your case may be.


1. Yoruba demons everywhere. You’ll see them in their agbada looking posh and cute, looking for whose hearts they will break next.


2. Amala and ewedu. It’s not a Yoruba wedding if this one is not available. There are some people that no matter how good the Jollof or fried rice is, they’ll never forgive you if you don’t provide them with their regular amala and ewedu. Then if you want to top it up and make them feel happier, add gbegiri to it. They’ll never forget your wedding.

3. Live Highlife/ Tungba music. If all you have is a DJ playing music. Then forget it, you didn’t have a Yoruba wedding. A very important part of a Yoruba wedding is the live band churning out popular Yoruba tunes with the help of a very good talking drummer, praising the guests till they empty their pockets spraying money.

4. A bi-lingual compare. The compere otherwise known as the MC (Master of Ceremonies) must be fluent in both Yoruba and English Language. You will have people coming from different part locations and works of life. Some from the village, some from other cities and some who just came to eat. The MC has to be able to make all of them happy.

5. Outrageous head ties. You will see all sorts of head ties (otherwise known as Gele). Some looking like a satellite dish, some like peacock feathers etc. You just have to be prepared to deal with them.


6. People forming familiarity. You will have a lot of people who just found their ways into the venue, either by invitation or by coincidence. But everybody will be trying to feel important and feel among. That is when you’ll hear people say stuff like I am the cousin of the aunt of the brother of the father of the wife.


7. Aso Ebi.  This is not just a feature of every proper Yoruba wedding; it has become a big money spinning industry in Nigeria. People pick a certain cloth material that they put on more like a uniform. It’s so bad that if you are not in the attire, you’ll feel like you’re out of the whole setting.

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