MUST READ: 4 Major Things You Shouldn’t Do Before S3x (Very Important)

MUST READ: 4 Major Things You Shouldn’t Do Before S3x (Very Important)


When it comes to s3x, it is every couples’ desire to enjoy it and still be able to relish the thought of it thereafter. Apart from the numerous health benefits of s3x to the human body, the pleasure that comes with it is electrifying and almost unrivalled.
S3x is to be enjoyed but there are some things people do that may tamper with how much they enjoy s3x and even impact on their overall health afterwards.

Some of these issues directly affect s3xual performance, while some are just safety tips but still important all the same and they include:

1) Shaving or waxing before s3x:Due to the belief that the pubic hair could breed unpleasant smell and because some people do find it disgusting, people tend to shave or use wax to remove the hair in that region. But inasmuch as being ‘clean’ in that region is seen as a good hygienic practice, experts have advised that it is advisable not to shave before sex, simply because shaving or waxing tends to open up the small pores in the skin and while the sexual activity is ongoing, body contact could lead to infection, or rashes, which could multiply in little time because the place is usually warm and so germs and bacteria could multiply there quickly. Some people shave shortly before s3x because of the feeling that their partner might find the pubic hair unattractive.

.2) Smoking: Apart from the negative effect smoking has on the heart, it turns out that it also has an effect on people’s s3xual performance. It could reduce libido as it lowers testosterone (s3x hormone) levels, hence, people are advised not to smoke before s3x. The same applies to taking alcohols.
For couples aiming at pregnancy, smoking could also lower a man’s sperm count; cause genetic damage to the sperm and reduce the ability of the sperm to swim to where it will fertilise the egg. And in women, it could also cause s3x-related problems, like reduced s3xdrive, among others.
On smoking,the constituents of cigarettes can narrow the arteries and veins that supply blood to the penis. “Smoking causes vasoconstriction; narrowing the blood vessel, so, the amount of blood that goes into the penis will reduce. And since the erection of the penis has to do with blood flow, it may affect the man’s erection.

3) Eating too much or taking energy drinks:No doubt, s3x is an activity that is very involving and tiring, and so it is not uncommon for some people to eat before s3x as if they are going to fight, especially men, all in the name of preparing for the act. But findings have shown that it is better to eat snacks, nuts or light food before doing ‘it’ to avoid feeling drowsy. In the same vein, experts have said that people should do away with heavy, gassy and high-fibre food to avoid frustrating the partner witha sluggish and poor performance eventually. So, it is not the time to eat five wraps of heavy food like someone going to the war front. Also, it has been found that it is not advisable to take energy drinks. People do this to have some energy to ‘deliver’ but experts have said the impact may not last long and that it tends to leave the person tired and weak after a (short) while.

4) Masturbating:This is one tactic some people use, usually done hours before the intercourse, so as to prolong s3x and it is mostly done by men who have premature ejaculation or women who crave prolonged s3x. They believe that having ejaculated (men) or reached orgasm (women) moments before the s3x would delay their next orgasm, but findings have shown that such can make erection almost impossible and the fact that it can kill s3x drive when it comes to having real intercourse with someone of the opposite s3x. Ultimately, experts have found that masturbation can be addictive, and after engaging in it for a long time, such persons tend to lose interest in real s3x. So, to have a sustained healthy s3xuality, masturbating should not be an option.

Meanwhile, medical experts have advised that if a woman pees after s3x, it could reduce the likelihood of her getting urinary tract infection. They said the urine would have flushed out any bacteria present. It is not amust, but it is helpful.


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