MMM Nigeria: ‘I wanted to kill myself after losing N750K’ – Man who attempted suicide over Ponzi scheme

MMM Nigeria: ‘I wanted to kill myself after losing N750K’ – Man who attempted suicide over Ponzi scheme

MMM Nigeria

A young man who attempted suicide by drinking a poisonous substance following the freezing of the MMM Nigeria account has revealed why he took that action.

A Benue State-born man identified as Adekole, who attempted suicide by drinking a dangerous substance after the freezing of the MMM Ponzi scheme account some weeks ago has given the reason on why he took the action.

Adakiole narrated that he had invested the sum of N750, 000 in the scheme hoping to get an extra 30% add-on which he wanted to use for his wedding coming up on December 28, 2016, but with the freeze on the account, the money got trapped in it and he decided to commit suicide.

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The Otukpo native who reportedly drank the substance called Sniper, was rushed to a hospital where the doctors battled successfully to revive him and after his full recovery, he was invited to a radio program in Abuja, where he narrated his plight.

Here is what Adakole said:

“I came to Abuja a few months back in preparation for my wedding and my friend introduced me to the MMM thing.

He told me about the benefits involved and though I was a bit hesitant about it, but he succeeded in convincing me to register under him.

To be honest, I initially invested 20k into the scheme and I got 30 percent the following month. The following month, I rendered help of N50k and I still got 30 percent commission and my full investment back.

This time, I believed it was real and I decided to increase the money. Before then, my fiancée had warned me against it.

I went to my cooperative to obtain a loan and they gladly gave me thinking it was for my wedding. I put in N750k last month, hoping that it would yield 30 percent income this month only to wake up one morning to discover that my account has been suspended.

To be sincere, the best option I had then was to take my life, because I had thought of how I would face my woman. I didn’t even know when I took the insecticide.

It was my guy, Fred, who rescued me. My wedding is around the corner, I have been saving the money ahead of the wedding only to end up that way.

As we speak, I have not set my eyes on my woman. I put off my phone since then because the shame is much. My wedding is a few days from now and I am confused. I just returned from the hospital. I don’t know what to do.”

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Apart from Adakole, many Nigerians who were affected by the freezing of the MMM account have had sad tales to tell especially as it happened just some weeks before the yuletide period.


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