MMM Bubble Bursts As Nigerian Man Claims Fraud of N189,000

MMM Bubble Bursts As Nigerian Man Claims Fraud of N189,000

A Nigerian man has cried out on how he has been scammed by the popular money doubling scheme called MMM.


The man in a mail sent to Lai Ijeoma shared screenshots of how it all happened, how he got introduced to the scheme by a friend and how all went smoothly until the bubble burst and his account was blocked with over N180,000 trapped

Read mail below:


It started on the 19th June 2016, My Friend introduced me to this MMM of a thing… I obliged and Joined… It was paying well, there was no comma or full stop, not all. ”Till I opened an account for my cousin who shared the same surname. Fast Forward,,, MMM ADMINISTRATOR placed my account on temporary moratorium of getting help as they provide and get help in the system on 13th September 2016 and told me to verify identity of which I did.

“After that, I kept on contacting MMM Support of which they assured me they will remove their God forsaken temporary moratorium which they have used to scam thousands of participants (not only me) as i found out they do it secretly and MMM fortifies its system with this… That also account in a way how they pay 30‰ to their teeming community of 30% earners (Guiders,referrals and ordinary participants)… Only for my account to be blocked by the administrator earlier today that I used two accounts that the registration and referral bonuses have been deleted while my #90,000 I paid since when I started MMM which yielded 189,000 naira parted with the blocked account.

“Even as it hurts me being my first time to be scammed. I will like Nigerians to thread with caution with this MMM of a thing and keep on pursuing their dreams as there is dignity in Labour. MMM IS A SCAM. For the Record,,, My blocked account in MMM with #189,000 trapped in it.

“The account am accused of violating their policy is which is also on their temporary moratorium (meaning another scam as that was how they started with my Attached are supporting documents / screenshots before MMM CONTROL AND REVISION OFFICE (CRO) played a fast one.”

The account details operation seems confused… but a User’s comment reads thus:

“guy pack well u went open multiple account claming ur brother acct..abegii.. and u weren’t smart about it..i know of people who have many accounts and are using them nd hv not been caught..u want to play smart guy bt u are not dat for your account in moratorium, they would remove it and merge u automatically,it might take a week sha..

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