Lola Slutty Tales: Norah’s beau

Lola Slutty Tales: Norah’s beau

Norah's beau

He was not far behind me and I returned to fucking that dick hard and squeezing my cunt around him.

Norah wanted me to meet her boyfriend.  That was how this whole thing started.

Norah and I have been close friends for years. Since I had known her, she had never been in a relationship that lasted up to six months, so it was a surprise for me when she said she wanted me to meet Nifemi, a guy she had been dating for nearly a year. She explained that she did not expect what she and Nifemi had to as long as it did. She finally came to the realisation that this could be a real thing and decided I should meet him.

She suggested we went on a double date but there was no guy at the time that I wanted Norah to meet. I had never introduced Niyi to anyone and the other guys were people I just fooled around with. After going back and forth on the matter, Norah suggested that she would ask Nifemi to bring a friend and we can all hang out. ‘Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with him and live happily ever after,’ she said with a giggle when she made the suggestion. I laughed. Living happily ever after was the last thing on my mind.

That Saturday evening, I, Norah, Nifemi and his friend, Ben, around a table in a restaurant. Ben was actually good looking but he was not really my type. He sat right beside me and seemed to be trying to get me talking. I appreciate his effort but he was not the person that was giving me the heat at that table. Nifemi was fucking handsome. I literally found myself salivating when he spoke. He was sitting across from me and even though he leant towards Norah as they talked, I could see his eyes drift towards me. I tried to give Ben some attention but Nifemi was the reason my panties were wet.

I swallowed as I tried to reign my thoughts in. This was insane. I was lusting after Norah’s guy. The thing is, Norah was one of the good ones and I had to admit she deserved happiness, going after her man would probably be a huge way to sabotage that. Every once in a while, I would clear my head as soon as those fantasies consume me. Thankfully, I survived the dinner and by the time I got home, I had convinced myself that it was a harmless attraction.

This was what I kept telling myself for several days after I met Nifemi. One day, I was hanging out with Norah and she just could not stop bragging about him. The spark of interest I had only grew more intense and I decided to take things a tiny step further. I took his number from her phone when she left to use the bathroom.

I gave Nifemi a call a day later. He seemed genuinely happy to hear from me. We talked for a while and I tried to think up a reason for us to meet. I remembered that he had said he worked for a computer engineering company. I told him I had some issues with my laptop, with the hopes that he would invite me to his office. I was pleasantly surprised when he said he would come over to my place a few days later.

I was even more excited when I realised, a couple of days later, that Norah was not aware he was coming. He was at my door one evening and I led him to my bedroom where the computer was. If I was hot for him before, I was on fire now. We both sat on my bed as he looked through my laptop. Daringly, I brought one hand to rest on his shoulder, causing my boob to move against his arm. I saw him pause then continued what he was doing.

Wordlessly, I took the laptop from him and set it down. Standing in front of him, I hooked my hands around his neck and bent to kiss him. After hesitating for a second, his hands came up and rested on my waist. I placed my legs on either side of his and sat on his thighs as we continued to kiss. His hands went underneath by blouse and he was stroking my breasts. The kiss got more passionate and I felt his erection poking me.

I pushed him gently so he was lying on the bed. He adjusted himself and I reached down to take down his trousers. I then leant back to take mine off. There was no need to say anything. This was just us giving into a fiery chemistry. As his cock sprang up in front of me, I moaned and straddled him. I wanted to fuck him and fast.

I bore down on him, his dick sliding easily into my cunt. I began to move up and down as he shoved his hips upwards to meet my thrusts. Setting both feet on the bed, I began to bounce up and down, as fast as possible. I felt myself getting close and I reached down too vigorously rub my pussy until I came.

He was not far behind me and I returned to fucking that dick hard and squeezing my cunt around him. He groaned, gripped my hips hard and shot his load of cum in me.

I reached down to kiss him again afterwards.

We fucked three more times that evening before he left. It was fantastic. I knew I would never see him again but that was fine. My hunger has been sated.


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