Living By The Sword: Suspected cult member murdered by rivals in Benin (Graphic Photos)

Living By The Sword: Suspected cult member murdered by rivals in Benin (Graphic Photos)

The murdered Godspower

A young man who was supposed to travel to Europe has been murdered by cult members suspected to be rivals of his own cult group.

A young man identified only as Godspower, has been murdered in what was seen as reprisal attacks by suspected cult members in Benin City, Edo State.

An eyewitness who posted the sad news on social media narrated that the young man who was about traveling out of the country before his untimely death, was gunned down on Wednesday, December 28, 2016, by the suspected cultists who had pursued him to the Circular Road junction and gunned him down.

Apart from the deceased, three other people were said to have been killed by the rampaging cult members who apparently on a revenge mission.

Here is how the eyewitness captured the scene:

“It was a scene of blood as the rampaging cult members killed three young men, including Godspower who was about traveling to Europe on Saturday, December 31.

He was killed in front of the Second East Circular Road in Benin after the boys pursued him to the place.

People say he too was cultist and must have also shed blood because those guys would not have picked on him just like that.”

His bereaved mother was later seen sitting on a walkway close to where her son was killed, weeping bitterly and placing curses on her son’s killers before policemen came to take the body away.


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