Lesbian Chronicles: Fingered by a Doctor

Lesbian Chronicles: Fingered by a Doctor

Fingered by a Doctor

She stilled her fingers deep inside me and teasing my sweet spots as I rode my orgasm to its end.

When I made the decision to find myself a gynaecologist, I was absolutely certain I wanted a woman.

The idea of spreading my legs while some guy poked around did not appeal to me. I had just gotten married a month ago and my husband suggested I found one so I can have regular checkups and avoid health problems

After searching for a while, I finally found one I was comfortable with. Dr Ajayi was probably in her late 30’s. I liked that. I did not want to leave my vagina in the hands of an ancient doctor. I want someone who is current in medicine and knew what they were doing.

Dr Ajayi was very kind and patient. My first appointment with her first great. She did some routine checks and gave me some tips to stay healthy. All was going fine. After about five months, I had to return to her. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant so he asked me to see her to make sure everything was fine.

Dr Ajayi listened to my worries then calmly explained to me that it was too early to be concerned about that. She advised me to simply calm down and enjoy being with my man. When it looked like I was still unsure, she eventually agreed to do a quick check. As usual, I laid on the patient bed with my legs opened and fixed in the stirrups on each side. She reached in with something cold and fiddled back and forth. I closed my eyes then opened them after a few seconds to see her watching me. There was something intense in her eyes. I shifted uncomfortably but she smiled and I relaxed again.

She removed the tool and I felt her slide in a gloved finger. I tensed up as she did but she slowly began to move the finger in and out of me. I curled my toes as I began to feel desire in my belly. Did she realise that whatever she was doing was turning me on? I looked at her but she was focused on my vagina. I was soon very certain that she must know I was getting wet. I cleared my throat, hoping to catch her attention.

"Just relax," she said. And as soon as her finger made contact with my clit, I had no choice but to let go. A moan escaped me and I looked down at her in alarm, hoping she was not offended. She still did not look up but I heard her moan too. I closed my eyes as she kept flicking my clit while fingering me. My desire had turned to full-blown arousal as I threw caution to the wind and moaned out loud as she did wonderful things to me with that finger.

She slipped in two fingers and began pushing in and out of me after a while. I cried out as she went faster and faster, her thumb teasing my clit as she did. My whole body clenched and released as I came. She stilled her fingers deep inside me and teasing my sweet spots as I rode my orgasm to its end. Finally, she retrieved her finger.

"All seems good, here," she said, as she stood up. I pulled down my legs which were still shaky and pulled on my panties. She walked over to her chair and I came to sit in front of her.

"Everything’s okay, Mrs Brown. Just give it time. But if you still need to be reassured some more, you can always come back and we can carry out another…check up." She smiled at me when she said this. I nodded and got up to leave her office, my legs still shaking from the mindblowing experience.


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