Lagos Fire Service: Inspiring story of firemen rescuing a 5-year old from a well

Lagos Fire Service: Inspiring story of firemen rescuing a 5-year old from a well

With some courage and a lot of faith, a life was saved.

The Lagos Fire Service has rescued a 5-year old girl from a well in the Meran Area of the state.

Christmas was a great time for love, sharing and thanksgiving in the Onifade family, and boxing day was turning out to be just fine.

Until 5.30 that evening.

Somehow, their little girl, Faith Onifade, a 5-year-old, had managed to fall into a well. A very deep well. People tried and tried to get her out. Everyone who tried only feared that they might end up as helpless as her, and possibly dead if they ventured into the well.


All hope seemed to be lost, until someone called the Fire Service. In no time, they had already showed up at No. 1, Church Street, Omiata Bus Stop, Agbeleke, Meran in Ifako-Ijaiye Council Area of the state. The address of the accident.

A fireman was lowered into the dark well. And as he emerged from the darkness of the well, there was little Faith in his hands, holding tightly to him.

In a statement, the Director of the Lagos Fire Service, Rasaq Fadipe, said:

“On Monday, the Boxing Day, we rescued a five-year-old female child, Faith Onifade, who fell into a deep well of about 80 feet deep; she was rescued alive with no serious injuries.”

He advised adults and parents to always be watchful of children, especially those residing near open wells. He also urged people to use the emergency lines when a need arises.

Call 112 for any emergencies in Lagos.


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