What You Should Know About Buying A Used Range Rover

What You Should Know About Buying A Used Range Rover


Range Rover cars take a special place in the automotive world. They are widely praised for their outstanding design and revolutionary technology, but at the same time there is a common opinion that Range Rovers, especially older ones, may be not as reliable and more cumbersome to maintain. Here is everything you should know about buying a used Range Rover that you can find on Jiji (http://jiji.ng/cars/range-rover) at sensationally low prices.

Which one to choose?

Overall there have been four generations of the Range Rover, with the first one coming out in the mid-1980s and the latest one being released in 2017. Earlier versions of the Range Rover are relatively affordable, since, starting from the 2010s, the model finally transformed into the luxury SUV we know and love today.

It’s no secret among used car buyers that the older the vehicle is, the harder it may be to care for it, and this statement is definitely true for Range Rover. Older Range Rovers are considered to be iconic, but their maintenance and repair is not for the weak-hearted, as locating the necessary parts and finding a car mechanic with old Range Rover experience is not as easy as it may seem. This means that if you’re really determined to own a used Range Rover, better go for a newer model.

Common issues with Range Rover

Finally you’ve chosen your ideal Range Rover model and couldn’t be happier. However, it’s important to know that the ownership of a Range Rover comes with its own challenges – most importantly, common mechanical problems.

The most frequent issue with the Range Rover mechanics is the air suspension, which is known to break down after 5 to 10 years of regular use. In case this happens, get ready to replace the malfunctioning suspension with coil springs or buy a whole replacement air suspension from another Range Rover, although neither of those two solutions is going to be cheap.

Another common problem with the Range Rover is the various electrical issues. While older models are more prone to electrical breakdowns, they are less dependent on the electrics, while newer Range Rovers are heavily based on the electric system, which is why your Range Rover may not be suitable to drive until you fix the issue.

What else you should know

While owning a Range Rover is not a walk in the park, any current Range Rover owner will tell you that it’s definitely worth it. After all, Range Rover is the preferred car of hundreds of Nigerian celebrities and politicians who value it for its fabulous look, safety, and a variety of additional features not seen in any other cars.


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