Killer In Uniform: Policeman allegedly kills Indonesia-based man over bribe in Owerri (Graphic Photo)

Killer In Uniform: Policeman allegedly kills Indonesia-based man over bribe in Owerri (Graphic Photo)

A trigger-happy police officer has murdered a young man who returned from Asia to get married because he refused to give a bribe.

A trigger-happy policeman has killed a young Nigerian who just returned to the country for his wedding from his base in Indonesia because he refused to part with some bribe money.

The incident, according to a witness, Cheta Igbokwe who posted it on his Facebook wall, happened in Owerri, the capital of Imo State where the young man, Nduka Eto, was allegedly cut down in cold blood because he bluntly refused to give the policeman a bribe.

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It was gathered that the police officer, Inspector Mike Edem, who was on duty at a Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Mega Station located at the Control Post junction in Owerri, had reportedly shot and killed the young man who hailed from Oguta Local Government Area of the state on December 22, 2016, with his wedding slated for December 27, 2016, in the presence of his fiancée and younger brother.

This is how Igbokwe captured the incident on his Facebook wall:

"Eto was killed three days ago, at NNPC Fuel Station, Control Post Owerri, Imo State. He was not attacked by robbers. He was not bombed by Boko Haram. He was not lynched by any angry mob.

No! Sadly, he was killed by a certain Mike Edem, a police inspector, who shot him after a little misunderstanding with a staff, killed him and ran away.

Eto was killed by someone who was meant to protect him, a police officer, our acclaimed ‘friends.’ This is a sad story.

The police create more trouble for the citizens rather than protect their lives and properties. A lot of people have lost their lives through the careless handling of guns by some of these folks that call themselves the ‘police.’

Eto’s story is not even a result of an officer’s carelessness; it was borne out of a certain pride that comes upon these men when they are handling guns (even the ones without bullets). They would point the gun at you, threatening to shoot you when you try to engage in an argument.

These officers are very quick in finding out how the citizens have faulted; they do not care to know your own view, and they opine that when they speak, the case is closed. That is why someone like Mike Edem could pull the trigger on Nduka, and run away.

This is a special plea to the Imo State Police Commissioner and to whom it may concern: wake up and work! Do not let Nduka’s story die, just as millions of similar stories are dead and buried.”

However, the manager of the Mega Station, Mrs. Ruth Enemmuo, who is now in police detention, said that there was an argument between the late Nduka and one of her attendants over a missing iPhone 7 which degenerated into a fight with Nduka injuring the attendant.

Enemmuo said that she had to intervene and settle the issue but that as soon as Nduka entered his car, the police inspector fired at him, killing him instantly.

It was learned that the inspector fled the area and had not been seen and the manager later went to the police station to report the killing but was detained immediately.

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Enemmuo narrated further that the police say she must produce the fleeing Inspector before she is left off the hook.

Confirming the incident, the State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Andrew Enwerem, described the runaway Inspector as unruly, adding that the Inspector-General of Police had mandated the Commissioner of Police, Taiwo Lakanu, to apprehend and bring to book the culprit.


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