Jay Z Urges Jay Electronica To Release Mythical Album

Jay Z Urges Jay Electronica To Release Mythical Album

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Enough is enough. We’ve been waiting nearly 10 years for Jay Electronica’s album Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn), with no solid leads that the project will be put out. At this point, all indications that the project was dropping have been pipe dreams. But if Roc Nation boss Jay Z has his way, the album will come out this year.


With the NBA All-Star game in New Orleans this weekend, Jay Electronica put on for his hometown with a special performance. In attendance, Jay Z embraced the elusive rapper and uttered words we’ve all been waiting to hear: “let’s put this album out.” So, Act II in 2017 — or nah?


Jay Electronica has famously never put out a project, despite having been signed to Roc Nation since 2010. Fans have accepted that Electronica may well never release an album, though he tries their patience from time to time — most recently, last July, when he suggested that he would drop Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) within the next 40 days. (He did not.)


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