It Is Not Easy Being Married To A Musician – Lola Omotayo

It Is Not Easy Being Married To A Musician – Lola Omotayo


The singer’s wife took to Instagram sharing old photos of the couple as she revealed they’ve come along way.

According to her, their journey of 11 years has been filled with lessons and experiences.

She wrote, “To my dearest husband @peterpsquare, happy anniversary. Ours has been a long journey filled with lessons and unique experiences that have shaped who we have become today.

I am happy to say that we are now best friends besides everything else. I have learned to listen and respect you more and you have learned to appreciate me as I am.I thank you for treating me like a lady and for always being there for me. I thank you for providing for our family and for putting us first at all times.

It is not easy being married to a musician as people only see the glamorous side of this life but refuse to realize that you are a human being first with feelings and needs just as any one else.11years together is not a joke.
I see the non-glamorous side of you and still love you as you come.I love you! May God continue to bless and protect us in Jesus Name!#3years#anniversary #peterandlola #Okoyes #blessed#parents #daddy #mummy #happyanniversary#november17th #11yearstogether #nobejoke.”


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