In Niger: Police apprehend blind beggar who lured boys into homosexuality

In Niger: Police apprehend blind beggar who lured boys into homosexuality

A depiction of a man raping a boy.

The blind beggar was arrested following a disclosure made by his victim which alleged that he was raped.

A blind beggar, Idris Usman, has been arrested by the Niger State Police Command for luring two young boys into homosexuality.

Usman, who is also known as Bagobiri, and also 60 years old, was arrested on Tuesday, December 20, 2016.

This was after one of the victims, Zangina, a 12-year-old boy, fell ill and was taken to the Minna General hospital for treatment.

Upon getting to the hospital, the boy’s mother was told that he has a bacterial infection.

After questioning, Zangina revealed that the elderly man often gives him and his friend, Mustapha, 10, N50 or N100 to have sex with them.

This has been going on for almost a year according to the boy.

Mairam Kolo, the Director of the Child’s Right Agency, Niger State, confirmed the incident, adding that Bagobiri may spend his entire life in jail if convicted.

“This is a homosexual case with underage just as penal code law stipulates life in prison while Child’s Right Act stipulates 14 years in prison and compensation to the victim.

“When the case is established in the court of law after police investigation, Bagobiri will face life imprisonment or 14 years jail term as stipulated by Nigeria’s anti-gay law."

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Acts of homosexuality and paedophilia has been some of the common crime cases in the year 2016.

Statistics based on the rate of news report concerning these subjects shows that a higher percent of the cases were perpetrated by very old people.


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