In a Fix: Lady with multiple sex partner can’t identify father of baby

In a Fix: Lady with multiple sex partner can’t identify father of baby

Goodness Akpan

The 17-year-old lady has had many sexual partners, and as a result could not identify the father of her child.

Following her various escapades with various sex partners, a 17-year-old lady, Goodness Akpan, has disclosed that she does know the father of her child.

She had tried to abort the child because of her dilemma, but her sister advised her not to do so.

The sister subsequently invited her to Lagos where she was kept at a church until she delivered the baby.

Akpan, who used to be a student at the Comprehensive Secondary School in Akwa Ibom was rescued based on suspicion that she is a human trafficking victim.

Fatai Owoseni, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, said there was an alleged plan by some human traffickers to sell the baby.

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The police commissioner said, “There was an alleged plan to sell the baby.

"The police also arrested the owner of the church, a female pastor, Pemi Udoh for her alleged role in human trafficking.

“Udoh, who is the founder of Divine Yard of God Ministry, Iyana Ota area, said she did not know anything about plans to sell the baby as alleged.

“She said she only assisted Akpan, who was brought by her sister, Angela to the church where she delivered her baby but we are investigating the case."

According to Akpan in an interview with the police, the uncountable number of men she slept it made it impossible to identify who is responsible for the child.


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