In 2016 were grateful for…: Falz and Simi’s “Chemistry”

In 2016 were grateful for…: Falz and Simi’s “Chemistry”


In honor of the end of 2016, we are writing stories about artists, songs, albums or moments from the year that we’re most grateful for.

Falz and Simi are enjoying their moment in the sun.

In 2016, the duo did what every smart businessman in Nigeria ought to do: capitalize on the very sentiments of the public to create a product that can be sold for value.

Falz and Simi have commoditized their love by releasing the “Chemistry” EP, and the country has gone wild. Their songs have penetrated the entire country and beyond. They didn’t have to rely on a well-oiled promotion machinery. They rode on the power of their sentiment to power through with this project.


The duo who have collaborated to stunning effect, have had to deal with rumours from the press, which claim that the music birds have taken their collaboration a step further and become lovers, with screen-love translating into real-love. On every corner they have been hounded with questions from reporters, sniffing for the scoop of their love life.


While many wanted confirmation of what would be a fairy-tale romance, a celebrity relationship, birthed in the studio. One whose flames were fanned by the press and made reality by the pressures and wishes of the fans. Falz, Simi, and the powers behind them saw this need as an opportunity, and discovered a way to generate value both for the public and themselves.

The public wanted more of ‘Falz & Simi’, the record labels wanted money. Marrying Falz and Simi to make money required them to think along the lines of business, and voila! They struck upon the idea of the “Chemistry” EP. Falz and Simi would sing more songs about love and all the stages of the relationship. They would use the sentiments as a driving tool for sales, and market the work to the various ends of the earth.


First they entitled the project with the word that describes what the fans say they had: Chemistry. Falz and Simi had chemistry in abundance. What made Falz and Simi generate this chemistry is love. Simi expresses a simplistic and innocent version of it, combining that with her good-girl pretty image. Falz is the eager, enthused man, searching for a bond which eludes him at every turn.

Their hide-and-seek made many a person lovesick, as it struck a fundamental nerve within Nigerians. Love is a beautiful feeling, and the search for it, in its truest and pristine form, reverberates all through humanity. Relativity, personalization, correlation and causation, all came into play, and Nigerians clamoured for more that screen-drug. They were hooked from the start.


And here’s where it gets very interesting: ‘Chemistry’ was marketed by having Falz and Simi go through one of the best pre-wedding photoshoots documenting all the stages of their love. Renowned photographer, TCD, was contracted, and he went on to capture the essence of that romance in humorous, silly, beautiful and appealing photos.

These photos which circulated like wildfire across social media, sparked more yearning for the duo to announce their relationship. Were Falz and Simi hugged, the fans ‘ohhed’. Where they pictured sharing a motorcycle, you could hear the collective ‘Aww’ that escaped from the public.


And then there was the “Chemistry” EP. Filled with love songs to fuel this, Falz and Simi provided the public with a project to mark time, and satisfy the yearnings of the public. Any salesman worth his salt will tell you that emotion is the biggest tool to drive any business. That’s why the biggest brands utilise it to make a killing.

Falz and Simi have the emotional wave on their side, and they have put out a product that will generate money. That’s smart. In fact, it’s the smartest music business move of 2016 so far, and will go down in history as a masterstroke. “Chemistry” EP is a product inspired by overwhelming demand, and there is no doubt that it would sail through. It already has a market.


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