I Dey Vex: New website allows Nigerians vent their frustrations

I Dey Vex: New website allows Nigerians vent their frustrations

An angry Nigerian

A new website has been created to allow stressed out Nigerians to speak about their problems.

It’s not easy being a Nigerian. When you think of all the unique problems Nigerians face on a daily basis, it’s a miracle that many people haven’t blown their heads off.

Nigerians are highly stressed out people. Thankfully a respite has come to people who have been looking for a way to release their stress and inner turmoils.

A new website called I Dey Vex. The creative website is an online community for Nigerians to vent about what’s really bugging them.


If you are interested in letting some steam off all you have to do is register then post a short message on what is ticking you the hell off.

Your mini-rant comes up on the home page and fellow ranters can comment. The best feature on the site is the ‘No Vex‘ button. When you post your rant, users can click on the ‘no vex‘ button to console you and try to get you out of your funk.


This website isn’t really a bad idea. If you are feeling upset about something or someone, you can just post it and feel better a few minutes later.

Most people who have posted their troubles mainly talk about the recession. There is the odd post about a girlfriend and Arsene Wenger (Arsenal fans are just cry, babies).

If you are feeling mad or down right now, you can try it out now.


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