How To Make It Worthwhile For Everyone: 6 things to do to have an incredible night stand this holiday

How To Make It Worthwhile For Everyone: 6 things to do to have an incredible night stand this holiday


Regardless of where you meet, these tips should help you seal the deal during these period. Here are things you need to stay away from.

One night stand might sound like no big deal but it can be difficult and can be a memory to be forgotten. It doesn’t matter who you’re with. There are some things that need to be considered because according to a study by Durham University, only 54% of women felt good about their last hook up while the rest felt used, unappreciated and most of all, they were far from being sexually satisfied.

Here a few pointers to help you make a good impression as compiled by Gemma Askham, AskMen


1. You need to work on yourself

Unless you’re paying for the sex with your hook-up from Badoo or Tinder or InstaMessage, you should take your game to a better level. It has been revealed via a study by Brunel University that men drop their standards for one night stand while women raise theirs. In the study, men and women were given three options – go out, come to apartment, go to bed then shown guys in different attractiveness levels. Men picked bed regardless while women only picked bed with good-looking guys. So, you’ve got to invest in yourself.

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2. Don’t be in a hurry

When you’ve received the signals and it looks like she might be into you and wouldn’t mind sharing the same bed with you that night, you also need to take things really cool. Don’t rush to take it to the bedroom immediately. It’s advisable that you don’t get too drunk, tipsy might be the ideal gauge of where you should be. Also make sure you can remember her name and use them in the conversation, make a mental note of how to get protection in case you don’t have any at home.


3. It’s also about her as well

One night stands are supposed to bring about some of the most amazing sex because of the spontaneous nature of it, and people thought for long that women don’t like it because it lacks emotional attachment. Recent research suggests something else, In a survey done by New York University that observed 24,000 hook-ups, they found out only 40% achieved orgasm, leaving out 60% unsatisfied compared to 80% of men who achieved orgasms. You should also consider her, ask her how best she likes sex, how it to get her to climax, these questions are important to make sure everyone is happy when it’s all over.

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4. Stay as naughty and interesting

Because it’s a one night stand, people make it more interesting by trying to be that person they’ve always wanted to be. This makes them bolder because there is the chance that they might never see the person they’re hooking up with again. . “On a one-night stand, a woman might feel more comfortable saying something like, ‘pull my hair’ because she won’t see you again. Whereas if you say to someone long-term, ‘stick your finger up my butt’, you’ve still got to have breakfast with them,” says clinical sexologist Naomi Hutchings.


5. Don’t leave after the sex

Try to stay the night unless it is absolutely necessary you leave after the sex. Don’t leave immediately, it’ll make your partner feel it was awful and you cannot wait to forget the experience.

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6. Don’t fake emotions

You can save the fake emotions for your boyfriend or partner, say it as it is, but say it with love and care. Don’t fake emotions with a one-night stand, you have to be clear about your intentions. Avoid sending mixed signals as well, don’t bring in other uncomfortable things into it like asking how about family and stuff. Keep it simple.

I hope these things help you, just be cool. Sadly, men actually hope that some of their one-night stand would become a committed relationship, so it isn’t ladies alone that are so clingy.


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