How To Become A Millionaire Before You Hit 30

How To Become A Millionaire Before You Hit 30

Okay this is not a get rich skim or a motivational book gimmicky but the careful study and research carried out by the business insider. An analysis of the personality traits and shared experiences was carried out on some of the biggest and best money markers and they all had some things in common. We are all aware that this is a free market world where anything is possible and many of us do not use the opportunities that presents itself, the first step you need to note is that it is a “Free Market” and you can make a lot of money so this tips should help guide you on your journey to becoming a millionaire before the age of 30;


How to become a millionaire before you hit 30;

1. Earning more money is easier said than done but its also an important step to being a millionaire. In this new economy saving cannot do anything for you, you just have to make sure you focus on what you earn that mean find a means to increase your income in increments and keep repeating it.

2. To secure your financial house and to grow exponentially you need to have multiple streams of income, this is one of the traits billionaires and millionaires have in common. So to earn more you need to increase your stream of income.

3. Finding yourself broke twice a year because you are saving is not a bad thing, the reason it should be like this is because you are not just saving but saving to invest. Buy bonds or lock your money up so even if there is an emergency you wouldn’t be able to get it, this would force you to look for ways to increase your earning.

4. You have to develop the habit of reaching decision promptly and the reason why this is an important feat, is because rather than spending productive energy on wasteful thinking pouring this energy into things that would increase your productivity towards positivity is better. Be decisive so you can decide on simple task as easily as possible, this would give room for a more optimal use of your brain power.

5. Don’t show off yet until your multiple strings of income are secure, so if you still have to enter that keke or ride that old even after you’ve hit your million mark do so until you are positive of the security of your income stream.

6. Your mindset for becoming rich has to be that you are in control and not that it is out of your control. The wealthy minds all know that increasing wealth is an inside job.

7. Being a jack of all trades doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be a master at all, invest in building yourself don’t stream line your attention be versatile, read books or inspiring podcast, this would build you into thinking positively and growing.

8. Most rich people are self employed, and this is because they know self-employment is the fastest way to wealth so don’t miss out on the opportunity to acquire great wealth. Ditch that steady paying job because its time to take the bull by the horn.

9. Money won’t just appear, you have to visualize, set goals and work towards them. Attaining wealth takes focus, courage and a lot of self effort. Rich people are very clear about their goals which is “They want wealth”.

11. The biggest financial mistake is your not thinking big enough, reach out for $10,000, 000 instead of $1,000,0000 there is no shortage of money you just have to be among those people that think BIG.

Few would take a cue from this tips others would ignore it as a motivational gimmick but time would tell for those who paid attention its all up to you!!!


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