Go Back and Fix Your Country…Singer, Di’ja Warns

Go Back and Fix Your Country…Singer, Di’ja Warns


Mavin records singer, Di’ja, has come out to console some Nigerians who believes that there is no other home except America as many have been pondering on the next step to take after the US electionsresult was announced.

The singer stated that the US chose to build their own country and there is need for other non-citizens to go back to their countries and develop it.She pointed out that if everyone could go back to help build their country, nobody will chase them out of the country because that is where they belong to.

In her words, “The American election should just remind you to love yourself and fix your own country. That way you have a place they cannot drive you from! Showing countries it is time they begin to depend on their own internal government. Demand what you want rather than run!“Maybe it is time to stop running to America every time we have a problem in our own country. It takes hitting rock bottom to hit Reset! This election should remind you THERE are OTHER COUNTRIES OTHER THAN AMERICA that has potential for greatness. What you forget is THEY built their country with YOUR RESOURCES and support of YOUR labour. YOU TOO CAN BUILD YOURS. It is not the end of the world. It is the beginning of a new one. TRUMP or HILLARY sha fix your own face! WE ALL HAVE WORK TO DO!”


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